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Friday Five

Friday, October 9, 2015

one// This photo has gone viral around the internet and it speaks to me! Our generation is so obsessed with taking photos instead of just enjoying the moment. It happens all the time at concerts. Everyone has their phones up in the air instead of enjoying the music. Just look at this sweet old lady.

two// This week I spent a considerable amount of time 'Fall' Cleaning! It was glorious. I made a huge yard sale pile and threw away a ton. And I spent a big part of the time working on our closet! Out with the summery things and in with the colder weather gear. Except it's still a gorgeous 80 degrees around here. I put all the tanks and shorts in an accessible place, as the weather is unpredictable and we are going on a cruise next month and will need them then.

three// It's a DISNEY WEEKEND! Need I say more? Be sure you'll get a full recap. 

four// I've been in such a cooking mood! Must be the time of year. I made some really yummy chocolate cupcakes with homemade icing. I was deep into baking when I realized we didn't have any butter. To avoid going to the store I went all 3rd grade science class and literally made some butter! My arms are killing me from shaking the jar, but man was it worth it-that butter was so good! Now the problem with baking in a family of two means that there are a dozen cupcakes on the counter that are going to be quite the temptation. 

five// We put Blake's car in the shop this week, for a recall and just to replace a few belts. Well the dealership called us to tell us that we need to do about $2000 worth of repairs. Considering we were thinking of getting a new car in the next year anyway, that was not a pleasant phone call. Sooo we may be getting a new car this weekend. A lot sooner than planned, so either way our budget is going to need reassessing. Here is where stress meets excitement. 

Happy Friday! How has your week been?

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