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I can't be the only one who could never get tired of looking at pug pictures? All pugs are beautiful to me! My favorite time "waster" is searching the #pugstagram on Instagram. There are so many great accounts out there. I wanted to share a few of my favorites!

A photo posted by Gemma Gené (@157ofgemma) on

A photo posted by @itslolathepug on

A photo posted by ernestthepug (@ernestthepug) on

A photo posted by Boo the Pug (@mypugboo) on

A photo posted by jack pug (@piratepugjack) on

I now notice that I tend to like fat pugs with an excess of wrinkles! 

Leave me a comment: What are your favorite Pugstagrams? Do you have a favorite pug hashtag? 

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