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Weekend Round Up: Disney's Star Wars Character Breakfast

Monday, May 11, 2015

We spent this last weekend at Walt Disney World, one of our very favorite places to be. It's always fun, but this weekend was especially nice. We stayed at The Boardwalk Inn for the first time, and now are completely spoiled. It was such a nice hotel, and so close to everything. Since we spent quite a bit on our room, we made it a priority to spend time actually enjoying the resort. Saturday was dedicated to hanging out by the pool and walking to Epcot for dinner. 

Sunday was super special because we got to enjoy the Star Wars Character Breakfast at Sci-Fi Cafe. The Sci-Fi cafe is one of my favorite restaurants anyway, but this was a super cool experience. When you walk in the restaurant for your reservation you are greeted by Boba Fett and Darth Vader who are ready to take pictures with you. I love that the photographers are happy to take pictures with your personal camera so that you don't have to pay the outrageous Disney prices for pictures. 
For breakfast you sit in the typical drive-in car tables, and watch clips from the movies. Our waiter was fantastic and we were promptly given yummy Star Wars themed pastries and mini light saber necklaces. We both ordered the Tatooine Sunrise-which was a typical eggs/bacon/potato style breakfast. So yummy! I personally loved the fruit cup, complete with a Yoda honeydew! 

The breakfast was quite expensive in my opinion, but it turns out you can order as many entrees as you want. And we got to meet characters that most people wait hours to see. 
The coolest part about this whole thing was that while you are eating several other characters come by your table for autographs and pictures. They aren't in a real hurry either, so you can get as many pictures as you'd like. We got to add a few more signatures to our autograph book! The pictures were kind of hit and miss, it's so dark in the Sci Fi cafe you really need to use a flash! The Jawas didn't photograph very well. 

Because we go to the parks so often, it was really fun to do something different! My husband is a true Star Wars geek, and I'll admit I kind of like it too...this was a perfect treat for him. We both got new Star Wars shirts for the event. 

Star Wars weekends are so fun! Disney really needs to capitalize on the Star Wars merch and build more attractions dedicated to it. It was incredibly hot though this weekend, which reminded me why we stop going to the parks in the summer...

Side note: it was so hard to find a decent women's Star Wars shirt! There just isn't a huge selection. What there is to choose from is either really boring or like skin tight slave Leia outfits. I just wanted to find something girly, something that says I like Star Wars but I still care about what I look like. I ended up finding this tank on Ebay and paired with pink shorts, I feel like it accomplished what I wanted. 
Leave me a comment: What is your favorite Disney restaurant? Are you okay with spending a little extra for the character interactions? Have you done the Star Wars Breakfast?

xoxo Kristen

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