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Bible Highlights: 2 Samuel 4-8

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

2 Samuel 6:7
"At that Jehovah's anger blazed against Uzzah and the true God struck him down there for his irreverent act, and he died there beside the Ark of the true God." 

Some may ask why Jehovah reacted so strongly to the actions of Uzzah mentioned at 2 Samuel 6:7 if Uzzah was only trying to save the Ark. We need to remember that Jehovah can read hearts. The verse says that Uzzah acted irreverently or disrespectfully. Being a Levite he knew that only authorized people could touch the Ark. So when he acted it was presumptuous and Jehovah could see his bad motives. 

xoxo Kristen
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