Big Shoals State Park

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One of the things on my bucket list is to visit all of the State Parks in Florida. This past weekend we spent the afternoon at Big Shoals State Park near White Springs, Fl. The weather was absolutely perfect for a little hike! 
It turned into the perfect place to host our annual family get-together with my mom's side of the family. This was special because it is so hard to get everyone together. 
This State Park seemed kind of weird at first! To get to the entrance you go down this incredibly long dirt road and there is no signage out by the main highway! We trusted that Google was taking us to the right place. 
We started with a picnic near the entrance of the park. (once we found the entrance!) Hilariously the entire family had all coincidentally stopped for Publix subs. Genetics!! 
The hiking trail is along the Suwannee river, and ends at Big Shoals-which are the only natural rapids in Florida. In fact we read that they can be up to Class Three rapids! We had lots of rain last week, so the rapids were very impressive! It was really cool to be walking on the trail and suddenly hear roaring water. The trail was fairly easy to walk on, just a few roots to watch for. I love those palmetto palms and scrub oaks we walked through, so Florida! 
After we finished the 2.5 mile trail we packed up and headed to our house to grill out. Our house is small so I was glad the weather was so mild so we could be out back with the fire pits going. It's so nice to be with family! I didn't feel so guilty about eating dessert either after our hike, hehe!

Blake and I kind of ignored some signs a climbed down to get a better look at the rapids! I'm not usually so rebellious. Our "dare-deviling" made for much better pictures!
Leave me a comment: Have you been to Big Shoals? Would you ever white water raft? I also need State Park Suggestions!

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