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Key Keepsake

Monday, September 29, 2014

Key Keepsake

Recently, my parent's sold my childhood home. It was such a great house to grow up in! While I  am sad to see someone else's car parked in that drive way, I am happy my parents have the freedom now to go where ever they want.

The saddest part was taking that key off my keyring. That was the first key I ever needed! I remember having it hang off my back pack in elementary school.
I wanted to do something with the key, because I just couldn't throw it away.
I've seen a few 'key' projects on Pinterest, so I set out to make a keepsake for my key. 

I loved the projects that had a framed map of your street with the key on top. I could not find a map! I didn't want to buy a map, and Google maps just looked bad. I even tried Google street-view to see if I could use a picture of the house. When I searched, I was inspired by the GPS coordinates!
 So, instead of a map, I just used scrapbook paper as the background, scribbled out the coordinates in a metallic pen, and hot glued the key. I tied a hemp ribbon around the key for an accent. And then I put it in a shabby chic frame I had in the closet. So this project was FREE. (Love that!) 

Here are a few other ideas for a background:
-Your House Number
-A Map
-A Photo of the House
-A Dictionary Page (Home, Family, etc)
-Your Monogram 

What would you use as a background for your key?

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