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Bible Highlights-Numbers 33-36

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Numbers 35:26-27

"But if the manslayer goes out of the boundary of his city of refuge to which he fled and the avenger of blood finds him outside the boundary of his city of refuge and slays the manslayer, he has no bloodguilt."

As mentioned at Numbers 35:26-27 in ancient Israel the manslayer had to flee to one of the cities of refuge for protection. And once they lived there, they had to stay within the city's limits. Today, Jehovah has provided us with protection, so like that Israelite, we can't leave his protection. We don't even want to get too close to the edge. To stay safe, we need to avoid developing any love for the world in our heart. This will call for a lot of prayer and effort, but our lives depend on it. 

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