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Port of Call: Juneau, Alaska

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

The 3rd port we visited during our Alaskan cruise was Juneau! This city was really cool, and I felt that it was the most accustomed to large quantities of cruise tourists. LOTS of shops and tours right there off the ship. 

We are so happy that we chose to do the Sled Dog tour while visiting Juneau. This was the coolest thing! If you are a dog lover, it's a must. This was a legitimate operation - these dogs actually race in the Iditarod and the Mushers were extremely knowledgeable. The tour included an extremely fun ride on the sled! I can't believe how fast and strong these dogs are. It's amazing! They clearly love to run too. 

There was also a cool swinging bridge, and it overlooked a beautiful river as this camp is set up in the woods. The only sad part was there weren't any puppies! There were 2 momma-to-be dogs, and the pups were due in about 2 weeks. I really wish we got to see puppies, but the big puppies were fun too! 

We also enjoyed some time at Alaskan Brewing, which was great, but crowded. The views from there are awesome, I'd just go when there aren't 4 ships in dock. You have to try some King Crab while you are in Alaska! It was a whopping $60 a pound, but gosh it was worth it. 

The only thing I wish we had time to do was walk down to this amazing whale sculpture that was at the other end of the harbor.  We drove past it, and I just wish we had a chance to stop. 


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