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Declutter Challenge Day 3 - Digital Declutter

Saturday, February 3, 2024

Welcome to day three of the Declutter Challenge! I shared the schedule here. Each day has a 10 minute task, and an option to kick it up a notch and declutter further.

Today we are tackling our digital clutter! Take 10 minutes to go through the accounts you follow on Instagram and click unfollow on anything cluttering your feed! I find it helps me to choose a number of accounts to follow and if I'm over the limit someone's got to go. There are a lot of ways to declutter digitally. You can empty your downloads folder, clear out random can go through your contacts. Essentially, be as thorough as you'd like to be. Remove any apps that aren't serving you! 

I ended up unfollowing several accounts on social media, as well as removing a bunch of apps I don't use. I did just get a new phone in January, so fortunately for me, today wasn't too hard! 


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