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Things I'm Doing To Get More Organized

Thursday, December 14, 2023

It's no secret that I love being an organized person. Truthfully, I had to become a person who enjoys being organized, because there is no other way I could accomplish what I accomplish without plans and schedules. Dare I say I miss the days of the pandemic when the biggest decision was what to make for dinner and we had time for hobbies! (I do not miss the fear of the unknown and all of the anxiety that came with it let me be clear.) 

In the last few months though, I've started to feel a little overwhelmed with everything we have going on. Mostly because I lost some good habits, and I realized I wasn't feeling good about that. I like what we are busy with, I just don't like that I let some essential things slide through the cracks. 

For example, while we have a *solid* don't-have-to-think-about-it morning routine, our evenings have been a total bust. The time change didn't help, but I find myself plopping on the couch too early and staying there until it's time for bed. 

Here's what I'm actively doing to try to get back on track:

Purchased A Google Home Hub (again)

We had one of these for a long time, like the first generation one. Maybe a year ago or so I think it got struck by lightening. The screen was all wonky and messed up after that. So, we recycled it and just never replaced it. When I started brainstorming about how to create a sort of 'command center' for our family I realized how much I missed this kind of screen. (I even talked to Blake about literally building a digital calendar screen out of a tv - like this one I saw on Etsy. He could totally do it as an IT professional, but I just started to think about how complicated I was making it.) It just so happened that the Google Home Hub Max was on sale and I saw how many cool features it has and realized this was just a good fit. 

There are a lot of reasons why it made sense to get one of these, like we have a Google thermostat and all kinds of wifi lights that are set up through Google Home. Plus, I really missed the digital picture frame! This screen is awesome, and I smile every time I see my photos. And, it has a camera in it, so we can use it as a security camera when we are out. 

I've been walking into the kitchen each morning and checking out what I have on the calendar. This has also helped me add just about everything to our Google calendar and that's helped so much. With everything we have going on, if it's written down that eliminates the fear of forgetting something important. 

Also, we took advantage of the schedules feature and starting having our lights come on at specific times, and go out at certain times too. I really like that, and I feel like it's made a difference in the routine. 

Still Paper Planning & Family 'Meetings'

Even though I'm relying on our digital family calendar more, I am still paper planning. This is more for personal to-dos and reminders. For example, Blake doesn't need to know what orders I need to work on for Etsy. I also keep track of my work hours and other random things that only I need to know in my planner. Since Blake and I eat breakfast together most days, this is when I've been jotting down what I have on my plate for the day and discussing what I need him to take care of or he needs my help with. It's like a 3 minute family meeting and I makes me feel like we are on the same page. 

I'll be honest, this is a great time for Blake to be reminded of just how much I do. He works 9-5 M-F. I do not. But, I do run a Etsy shop, I have a part time job, I have several cleaning job accounts, and I spend many hours doing volunteer work. We are very tired in different ways at the end of the day. I think it's a good thing for him to see what I've got going on, just because it makes him more alert to acknowledge my contribution to our family and not just wonder what I did that day. (Some people don't need this, but I do. It's a words of affirmation thing for me.)

Evening Routine

Okay, so this is what I narrowed down to be the biggest area needing improvement. As I said before, our mornings are in a fantastic rhythm. It's because we do the same things every morning without thinking about it. A friend helped me realize it wasn't always that way though. You have to work up to a routine you don't think about. 

Our evenings, have just been lame. It's so dark, so early! I've learned that if I sit down on the couch, I get cozy and don't want to get up. Because of that, I was going to bed with a messy kitchen, or not having finished whatever I started earlier in the day. It's not that I need everything to be perfect, but seriously who wants to wake up to dishes?

I'm still brainstorming on this, but I feel like I have a 'bare minimum' that needs to be done each night. Once those things are done, then it's time to relax. Still working on this, and maybe it'll be a future post with what I've got. But since acknowledging this, we both have been better about getting some essentials done before calling it a night. 

Meal Planning

I wouldn't say I've 'slacked' on meal planning, per se. In fact, the majority of our meals are at home, and thought out. I'm just making more of an effort to try new recipes, and plan out a week at a time. I renewed my Plan To Eat subscription for the year during their black Friday sale. And, I've really been enjoying cooking through The Defined Dish cookbook lately. My brother got a Celiac diagnosis a month or two ago and I sent this cookbook to him since it is my favorite and all the recipes are gluten free (or can be made GF). I was flipping through it with him to show him the recipes I like, and ended up getting inspired to make them all. Literally every recipe in there is a 10/10. She's got a new cookbook coming out at the end of the month I'm thinking would make a fun thing blog about as we try the recipes. 

Anyway, I'm just making a big point to meal plan once a week and shop once through Walmart pick up. Having the meal plan off my plate and automated in this way is such a relief during the busy season. 


A failsafe way for me to feel like I'm in control of my life! Recently, in a Day In The Life post, I showed how I went through and decluttered some of the house. Just doing that helped me feel so good! I also moved around some decor and just that little refresh helps so much. Having an organized environment is so important to me. 

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