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A Day In The Life

Monday, December 11, 2023

Morning Routine

Up sometime around 6:30 am today. Between the two of us, every morning we:
- Get ourselves up and teeth brushed.
- Get the pugs up and out to pee. 
- Get the pugs fed.
- Unload the dishwasher.
- Make our bed. 
- Pack Blake's lunch for work. 

Both of us workout, sometimes together, sometimes separately. Today, I did my own thing and did a 20 minute Barre class on the Peloton app. It's my workout of choice lately! 

While I did that, Blake made us breakfast! I've been loving breakfast sandwiches made with a bagel thin and eggs & bacon. Additionally, we both had a cold brew. I shared our recipe for that here. Over breakfast I did my daily Bible reading. I'm doing a 'read it in a year' schedule and today was Numbers chapters 7-9. 

Today I have a cleaning job, one that I do just about every week. They don't have me come till 10, so I've got a leisurely morning timewise. Which is great because I want to clear my Etsy shop orders! I had one come in last night that requested a Priority upgrade so I know they are in a hurry for it. 

Then I've got to pack my cleaning kit. I like to unpack it and repack it for each job so I know exactly what's in there. Each house needs different things, but this is one I've got down to a science since I go weekly. I obviously won't show photos from their home but I arrived at 10am and got finished around 2.5 hours later. Pretty straight forward today, no surprises. 

I actually bought a new vacuum on Black Friday for my cleaning jobs. I'd be willing to do a whole post on my cleaning set up if anyone would be interested in that. I'm really happy with it! 

I'm ready for a break at this point, so I pop back home for lunch. First, I let the dogs out, and honestly we all sit out in the sun for a few minutes! It's a glorious day. I made myself tuna to put over a salad with apple slices. This is a go-to lunch for me! I put lots of fresh dill and chopped up pickles in it and it's all so crunchy and good! I'm totally happy to eat and watch Youtube just to take a break from the morning. 

Afternoon Productivity
I've got a few hours of free time, which is so great and rare. I felt the urge to do a bit of decluttering, and I find that when that happens I just need to ride the wave. I basically spend the next 2 hours sorting through random drawers and our pantry. This felt SO good, and I ended up with a big ole pile of stuff to either trash, donate, or put in it's real home. 



Dinner Prep
Blake and I offered to take dinner over to an elderly family friend this evening. I decided to make a Defined Dish recipe and cornbread muffins. It turned out really good, but I had to start prepping it like 2 hours early. 

I've been in cleaning clothes all day, so I actually go put on a real outfit!

Once Blake got home from work we loaded it all up and headed to her house. She loved it, and honestly probably just loved having people to talk to over dinner. We visited for quite awhile, but both of us were really tired from the day.

Nighttime Routine 
When we got home we cleaned up the kitchen, and started the dishwasher. We also had to get the pugs out for their last walk. With the time change, it feels so much later than in actually is! After finishing up with tidying the house, I am all to eager to get in my PJs and do a little reading before bed! We've been watching Smallville, and we are on season 9. Blake puts on an episode and I know I'll end up falling asleep probably before it's over. 


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