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Thred Up Try On Haul | Spring

Monday, January 30, 2023

While I feel like my winter wardrobe is pretty solid with tons of options - I live in Florida, where we get just a few weeks of 'cold' weather. My 'rest of the year' wardrobe was really lacking during my last closet tidy, so I took a peek at Thred Up to see if I could find a few pieces to supplement what I already own. And, boy did I find a lot! I'm very excited about almost every piece in my order. Some of my all time favorite clothing items have come from Thred Up, and you know I love shopping second hand. 

J Crew Orange Top - $12.10

I have a shirt similar to this that I wear all the time, so I thought it'd be good to add another similar shape to the closet. Love the color of this! It does gape a bit at the chest, so I think I might try to stitch the button closed just for modesty. 

J Crew Chambray Top - $9.90

Confession, I already own this top in the green stripe pattern. When I purchased the green top, I actually really struggled choosing which colorway I wanted. So, because I love the top so much already, I was excited to find this one! I picture it going really well with white shorts in the summer. 

J Crew Floral Shell - $8.25 

Eek, I hate to admit this, but I already own this top too!! I have it in navy blue and it's really easy to wear. I loved the colors in this version and pictured wearing it with several skirts I already own. Fits like a glove, just as I thought it would.

J Crew Periwinkle Top - $7.70

Love this! It's soft and lightweight, so I know I will wear it all the time. I like pieces like this because I can easily dress it up or down. 

J Crew Marigold Embroidered Top - $7.15

My favorite of this bunch. Gosh, I hate to admit it, but I have this in another color. LOL. But! I have it in white with a rainbow of colors on the embroidery. This feels like a totally different shirt. Plus it's one of my favorite colors! I'll probably wear it as soon as it comes out of the wash. 

J Crew Kelly Green Ruffle Top - $10.45

Are you surprised to see another J Crew top? Don't be. I specifically searched for J Crew because it's my favorite brand and I know the sizing like the back of my hand. This top is so beautiful, and one I know I can dress up or down. 

J Crew Damask Top - $13.75

Don't laugh. I have this top in another color too! It looks totally different though I swear! This is such an easy top to wear. Plus it still had the tags on it! 

Zara Floral Skirt - $13.75

Ok. I love this skirt, but the proportions are all wrong for me. The waist band is SO wide. So, because I love the fabric and the pattern so much, I think I'm going to take it to the tailor. I will shorten the waist, and maybe even take 2-3 inches off the bottom. The quality of this skirt is so good, I really don't want to return it. 

Loft Orange Skirt - $10.45

Looking at this photo, I can see why I was duped with this one. The picture on Thred Up looked entirely different than what I got, and it sort of looks like it in this try on photo as well. Mainly, the fabric is horrible! It's satin-y and cheap. This will be going back! 

J Crew Eyelet Dress - $18.09

I'm so excited about this. I eyed it when it was for sale on J but when I finally went to buy it - it was sold out. Let that be a lesson to you! If you love it, buy it! I was taking a risk here because this dress was 1 size down than what I normally buy from J Crew. I have a few different sizes from J Crew so I knew it was definitely possible it could work. And it does! It's slightly snug, but not so much that I wouldn't wear it. It's lovely in person! 

Here's $10 for your first Thred Up order!


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