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3 Goals for 2022

Monday, December 27, 2021

I wouldn't consider these new year resolutions, but like everyone else I do start to think about ways to improve this next year. In the last quarter of 2021 I learned something about myself (well, maybe just noticed it for the first time). It started when I began using Duolingo to learn Spanish. The app has a way to keep track of your 'streak' of days you log on. I found that I really really did not (and still don't) want to break that streak. It's really motivating to keep it going. Plus, the streak keeps going even if I just do a few minutes on the app. So, I noticed that picking up a little habit and doing it everyday is very motivating for me. Going forward, I'm going to pay attention to that tendency when I try to pick up a new skill or habit.

That being said, I'm setting 3 goals with numerical 'finish lines' for 2022!

200 Peloton Rides

We don't have an actual Peloton, but we use the Peloton app with our cheaper exercise bike. I am setting the goal for myself to ride the bike 200 times in 2022. In line with my opening statements, I will count any ride. Even the 10 minute ones. A short ride keeps the streak going, and I find that makes 200 rides less daunting. Blake reminded me that we have a running schedule to keep too, so I really hope 200 wasn't too ambitious with running.

Duolingo 365 Day Streak

As I mentioned already, I want to keep my Duolingo streak alive and well! That's 365 days of learning Spanish, even if that means one quick lesson when I have just a few minutes to spare. This is something I'm excited to measure at the end of the year! Here's hoping I can actually speak Spanish (or some at least) by 2023! 

100 Books

In 2020, I set the goal to read 40 books, and barely made it. I think I was reading book number 40 on December 30th. This year though, I'm just about to hit 100! While I'm not sure if it was just a fluke, or if I just got better at reading, I'm putting it to the test in 2022 and going for 100 books again. Any length and any format counts, so just small period of reading or listening each day will add up! 

Let's Chat! In the comments below let's talk about our goals for this next year! How do you pick up a new habit best? Are you an all or nothing type of person? What are you hoping to change or accomplish in 2022?

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