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Currently Loving #17

Thursday, May 14, 2020

ColorStreet Nails
My sister in law started selling ColorStreet Nail Strips, and she gave me a sample to try and it turned out so cute! It's a really easy process and it lasts a long time. Plus they are easy to remove. Perfect timing for not being able to get a manicure at a salon. I tried the color Tokyo Lights, and paired it with Essie's Bahama Mama.

Bath & Body Works Hand Cream
My hands have been so dry from all the extra hand washing, so I've been going through a lot of lotion. Someone had gifted me this hand cream from Bath and Body Works and I finally got around to using it. I LOVE the smell. It's minty, but also really sweet. Even Blake said it smelled really good.  

Initial Necklace
I have been wearing a B initial necklace I got at Disney World for years, but I left it in Monument Valley on our hotel counter! I really missed it, so I found this great necklace on Etsy to replace it. It's gorgeous and I got it super quickly. 

Essential Oil Roller Organizer
This is actually a lipstick organizer, but it worked just so perfectly for my rollers. Can't be the price at less than $6 either. (Essential Oil Roller labels available in my Etsy shop!) Is there anything better than acrylic organizers?! I just love how they look. 

The Flower Fields
My very favorite thing about where we live are these epic fields that sprout wildflowers in the spring! They are just stunning. (We did my all time favorite outfit shoot in one of these fields!)

Mercari V. Poshmark
I'm debating on doing an entire post dedicated to this topic. But, in the last week or so I've tested which reselling platform works better for me. Spoiler alert, the winner is hands down Mercari. I've been using Poshmark for years and have minimum to moderate success. I tried my hand at listing the same items on both platforms, and Mercari was much more productive for me! I sold 5 items in just a few days that had been sitting on Poshmark for months. Would you be interested in a post outlining the differences? 

If you've never used Mercari, I have a $10 gift code for you!

Leave a comment below and tell me what you are loving lately!

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