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Plot: Written in a documentary style, a band from the sixties is interviewed. Daisy Jones joins a band called The Six, and their chemistry becomes legend.
What I Liked: This book is so good that I forgot I wasn't watching a documentary about a real band! Highly recommend the audio version. So well done. The details in this book just make you feel like you are reading history instead of fiction.
What I Didn't Like: This book is heavy on substance abuse and sex like you would imagine of a band in the late sixties and seventies. 
Rating: 5 Stars

Plot: This is the story of Eleanor Oliphant learning that life can be more than just fine. She has an monotonous office job, chats on the phone with her mom every week and treats herself to a frozen pizza on the weekend. She and a coworker end up helping an elderly gentleman they find on the sidewalk and she sees that life can be a little bit more
What I Liked: This book has so much character development it's crazy. Eleanor starts out as the strangest person you've ever seen. She is so unlikable! As the story develops you learn why and watch her grow. I really love that she does all the growing on her own, and not because of someone else.
What I Didn't Like: I understand that she is supposed to be unlikable, but some of her inner monologue was unbearable and I skimmed through a lot. 
Rating: 4 Stars.

Plot: Who knew kindergarten could be so dramatic? This story follows a few moms in one kindergarten class in a beachside community. All of these women are dealing with different obstacles, and they end up at a crossroads when one little girl claims a little boy in the class choked her. 
What I Liked: This is a book you won't be able to put down. It's got a little bit of everything in it: social issues, murder, humor, friendship. She gives you just enough hints to keep you guessing. 
What I Didn't Like: The amount of language in this book was approaching the limit of what I consider excessive. Not a fan of that. 
Rating: 4 Stars

Plot: Emily Ley provides her tips on simplifying every aspect of your life from your closet to your meal plan. Designed to help you reflect and make some changes in your lifestyle.
What I Liked: This book felt like I wrote it! If I ever wanted to write a book, now I don't have to, I'd just recommend this one. I love the message, the suggestions and all of the pretty pictures. I also really love the questions she has you write out your answers to. For example, how do I want people to feel in my home? I thought that was a great leading question that can help you narrow down your focus in your routines and decor. 
What I Didn't Like: While I agree with the last section of the book, I believe it was rather preachy. Additionally there is a huge section devoted to motherhood-something that just doesn't apply to me at this point. 
Rating: 4 Stars

Plot: Rachel Hollis shares her tips for setting and achieving goals. Written with women in mind. It's broken up into 3 sections: excuses to let go of, behaviors to adopt, and then skills to acquire. 
What I Liked: This book is without a doubt motivating. She provides some really good tips on setting goals. For example: Set only one goal at a time. Many people have a handful of goals (I know I do.), but she suggests just start with one, achieve it and move onto the next thing. Of course, she gives the reasons for that method in the book. She also suggests setting aside 5 hours a week to work on that goal. 
I also appreciated her thoughts on how you got attention in childhood can shape who you are as a productive adult. Simply, if you were praised for achievements growing up, you are likely someone who still seeks to overachieve. Alternatively, if you got attention by being needy, you probably are still that way today. 
I liked her perspective on the term 'girl boss' too. 
What I Didn't Like: I know Rachel Hollis is polarizing. I found that most of this book was one big humblebrag-which is kind of annoying. She also does this very strange thing were she writes all of these Pinterest worthy quotes, but acts like she came up with it. “Other people’s opinions of you are none of your business.” “Don’t compare your beginning with someone else’s middle.”...they keep coming with no acknowledgement that she didn't come up with it on her own. 
Chelsea said it better that I could though! She said that you can find value in what Rachel says without agreeing with all of it. That's exactly how I feel. Overall, this book was very motivating, although quite pushy. 
Rating: 3 Stars

Let's Chat! Leave a comment below and tell me what you've been reading lately.Last time I did a Recent Reads post it had tons of books on it-which do you prefer and shorter list like in this post, or a long one like last time? 
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Recent Reads #4

Monday, June 24, 2019

Recent Favorites on

Who doesn't love a good tote bag? I recently got rid of almost all of my bags, and downsized to a small crossbody. I noticed that I really needed a tote to take to work for all the extra stuff I usually lug with me there. LL Bean was having a pretty solid sale, and I was able to pick up the medium sized boat and tote for a great price! (Plus Ebates!) I love this thing more than I ever expected. The material is very stiff, so it stands upright and I know it will last forever. There is a reason these bags are so famous. 
LL Bean Boat and Tote Medium on

Burt's Bees Makeup 
I was nervous to try this makeup, because I wasn't sure if it would be any good. It's hard to tick all the boxes of being a more natural product, budget friendly and a good product. I'm really happy with what I've tried so far! The eyeshadow and blush have great pigment and last all day. The mascara is way better than I expected. It is good with one coat, but even better with two. It lasts all day- and the best part is it doesn't take a miracle to remove! 

I got mine from Grove Collaborative, but they are on Amazon too: Eyeshadow, Blush & Mascara
I'm a die-hard liquid liner person, so I don't think I will try their pencil liner.

Burt's Bees Makeup Review on

My Steve Madden Cache sandals have been well loved. I have worn them hard! (You've seen them here!) I went to buy the exact same pair again, and saw that they are completely sold out in my size. I've looked on Poshmark, name it. I was getting desperate, and I found this great dupe from Target! They've got the right look, and they are actually way more comfortable than my previous sandals. And half the price! I'm calling that a win. 

Can you tell I loved those shoes?
The best brown sandals on

I'm not sure if this falls under TMI, but I love this underwear! Basically, it's period underwear. It works fantastically, and I have been very impressed. I love that it helps reduce waste! Size up if you are going with a traditional underwear style, go with your regular size for a thong. The return/exchange process is the most painless I've ever experienced too. My suggestion is to get the 3 pair pack to save 10% and use my $10 referral code

I don't think you need a picture on this one, haha!

This one is for all you dog people! Lots of dogs suffer from skin issues due to allergies. Pugs are definitely one of them. We've specifically had a problem with Bailey. She gets an allergy shot, and the vet was even talking about getting her on a 2nd medication. I wasn't really thrilled with that. I found this excellent skin soother for dogs and I can't recommend it enough if your dog has similar issues! 
Skin Soother Review on

Skin Soother Review on kristenwoolsey.comSkin Soother Review on
I'm not sure if this picture helps you see the difference. On the left, her little armpits were scabbed over- hence the darker color. On the right, it's so much better! Still a bit red, but every day it's better!

Pug Life on

I've also been applying the skin soother to her belly and she loves it. Her belly used to have little scabs all over it from her constant itching and dry skin. It's now healthy and normal looking! She literally rolls over on her back so I can put it on, she loves it so much. 

This might be one of the most expensive beauty products I've ever shared! I received this as a gift, otherwise I may not have ever tried it, despite the stellar reviews. It smells fantastic, and works wonders. I use it about once a week to remove dry, dead skin from my face. It's worth every penny, and I've barely used 1/4 of the bottle. 

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Review on

I will admit to totally impulse buying this a TJ Maxx the other week, but it quickly became a favorite! You apply your face wash as normal, and then rub it in with these silicone tools. The tool helps really get the product in and gives you a much deeper clean. I seriously saw a difference within one use! Here is a similar one on Amazon. 

Recent Favorites on

Let's Chat! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of my recent favorites! Do you have a pair of shoes that worn in your closet? What is the most expensive beauty product you've tried? Would you try period underwear?

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Currently Loving # 16

Monday, June 17, 2019

I hope you guys find this interesting. My Cricut has quickly become one of my favorite things! It's rare if I go two days without whipping up a little something. The possibilities with this machine are literally endless, so it's been really fun and interesting to try out different projects. I thought I'd share a few recent creations with you today!

Matching Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles
This is one of those things that is totally unnecessary, but I am in absolute love with. I made two sets of matching shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles for both of our bathrooms. The bottles are from Amazon. The bottles are 32 oz, which is huge! It was basically a bottle and a half of my favorite shampoo, and that should last months and months.  

I've gotten so many compliments from guests, and a friend actually ordered a set from me for her airbnb! 

Side note: I started using this body wash and I could not love it more. It's got fairly clean ingredients and it smells so stinkin' good. 

Reverse Canvas
I think this is my favorite project to date! A reverse canvas is just what it sounds like. You buy a traditional canvas from a place like Walmart or Michaels. This one was about $8 for a pack of two canvases. You remove the canvas fabric from the frame, paint or stain the frame, iron on a heat transfer vinyl (that you cut with your Cricut) and then reattach the canvas.

I made this one for my in-laws anniversary this year. It's a few verses from their wedding song, and their wedding date at the bottom. It turned out really beautifully and they loved it. It's such an inexpensive project, but it looks SO swanky. 

My brother's wedding is next month, so I'm going to attempt a much bigger reverse canvas for their reception. 

Cups Galore
The first thing I mastered on my machine were vinyl decals! I'm having so much fun making them and trying out different designs. Holographic vinyl is so cool looking! 

If you have a machine, I could not recommend more! They have the best prices, and they ship super fast. 

Print and Cut
This took me hours to master, but it's been life changing. I am helping a friend make buttons (pins? I'm not sure what to call them) with my button maker. I've been hand cutting circles all this time, and then it dawned on me that I have a cutting machine! Duh.

It took some trial and error to figure out the settings, but now I know what I'm doing! You can print directly from the Cricut design software and it can read the image to cut it for you. My production has gone through the roof. 

Again, the possibilities are endless here. Print and cut is how all of those Etsy people make stickers! I definitely what to try that next.

Easy Gifting
The best thing, by far, about owning this machine is easy gifting! We've had several things come up recently that I wanted to have a gift for and I've literally been able to whip something up on the fly. I am keeping a small stash of things like cups, tea towels, and T shirts. It's been so easy to put something together and everyone loves a personalized gift. 

This was something my mom commissioned. She has been working in disaster relief in the Panama City area after hurricane Michael. She made some friends helping out in a kitchen and she wanted to get them something. All she told me was that this lady loves purple and she is always saying "Butter makes me happy." 

I bought this pack of blank tea towels on Amazon for less than $15 and have been able to make 4 separate gifts with it. Still plenty more to use too!

Talk to me! Leave a comment below and tell me which project is your favorite! What have you been DIYing lately? 
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Cricut Creations

Monday, June 10, 2019

Okay, maybe not ever- but this is the first outfit I've shared in YEARS that does not contain some kind of blue and/or white! This is one for the history books! 

Dress (They ship!) | Bag (Thrifted - Exact on Ebay) | ShoesNecklace

I'm so in love with this dress it's not even funny. A local boutique posted it on their Instagram page, and I immediately messaged my sister asking if she wanted to go look at it with me. We made a little lunch date out of it. I could have ordered it through their Instagram, but I wasn't sure what size to get since it in was in S-M-L. I was so pleased when I slipped it on in the dressing room, and it fit like a glove! Plus my sister let me have her 20% off punch card-and I took this baby home for $30! You all know I love a good deal.

It's a linen dress, so it's perfect for our soaring temperatures. I am hoping to wear this to my little brother's outdoor wedding later this month. And two other occasions after that. And with boots and a cardigan in the fall! 

Let's Chat! Leave a comment below and tell me what your signature colors are? Are you like me and always gravitate towards certain colors? For me, its navy, marigold, or some kind of navy and white stripe. 

The Only Non-Navy Blue Outfit I've Ever Shared!

Thursday, June 6, 2019

Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Because I am a huge fan of a before and after, I just had to share the makeover we did at Blake's work office! If you are a long time reader you might remember when we redid his office in 2015. Recently, he moved into the office across the hall. Let's just say it needed some attention. 

Mainly, it needed a good coat of paint. We went with Valspar's Academy Gray- which I keep accidentally calling Academy Blue, because it has such a great blue tint. I love this color and it quickly rose to the top of my all time favorite paint colors. It's amazing what paint can do! 


Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -



Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Guy's Nerdy Office Inspiration (Valspar Academy Gray) -

Talk to me! Leave a comment below and tell me what you think of this paint color! It really is the perfect blue gray color. Are you allowed to paint or decorate your work office? 

Blake's Work Office Makeover - Nerdy Office Inspiration

Monday, June 3, 2019


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