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Monday, June 17, 2019

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Who doesn't love a good tote bag? I recently got rid of almost all of my bags, and downsized to a small crossbody. I noticed that I really needed a tote to take to work for all the extra stuff I usually lug with me there. LL Bean was having a pretty solid sale, and I was able to pick up the medium sized boat and tote for a great price! (Plus Ebates!) I love this thing more than I ever expected. The material is very stiff, so it stands upright and I know it will last forever. There is a reason these bags are so famous. 
LL Bean Boat and Tote Medium on

Burt's Bees Makeup 
I was nervous to try this makeup, because I wasn't sure if it would be any good. It's hard to tick all the boxes of being a more natural product, budget friendly and a good product. I'm really happy with what I've tried so far! The eyeshadow and blush have great pigment and last all day. The mascara is way better than I expected. It is good with one coat, but even better with two. It lasts all day- and the best part is it doesn't take a miracle to remove! 

I got mine from Grove Collaborative, but they are on Amazon too: Eyeshadow, Blush & Mascara
I'm a die-hard liquid liner person, so I don't think I will try their pencil liner.

Burt's Bees Makeup Review on

My Steve Madden Cache sandals have been well loved. I have worn them hard! (You've seen them here!) I went to buy the exact same pair again, and saw that they are completely sold out in my size. I've looked on Poshmark, name it. I was getting desperate, and I found this great dupe from Target! They've got the right look, and they are actually way more comfortable than my previous sandals. And half the price! I'm calling that a win. 

Can you tell I loved those shoes?
The best brown sandals on

I'm not sure if this falls under TMI, but I love this underwear! Basically, it's period underwear. It works fantastically, and I have been very impressed. I love that it helps reduce waste! Size up if you are going with a traditional underwear style, go with your regular size for a thong. The return/exchange process is the most painless I've ever experienced too. My suggestion is to get the 3 pair pack to save 10% and use my $10 referral code

I don't think you need a picture on this one, haha!

This one is for all you dog people! Lots of dogs suffer from skin issues due to allergies. Pugs are definitely one of them. We've specifically had a problem with Bailey. She gets an allergy shot, and the vet was even talking about getting her on a 2nd medication. I wasn't really thrilled with that. I found this excellent skin soother for dogs and I can't recommend it enough if your dog has similar issues! 
Skin Soother Review on

Skin Soother Review on kristenwoolsey.comSkin Soother Review on
I'm not sure if this picture helps you see the difference. On the left, her little armpits were scabbed over- hence the darker color. On the right, it's so much better! Still a bit red, but every day it's better!

Pug Life on

I've also been applying the skin soother to her belly and she loves it. Her belly used to have little scabs all over it from her constant itching and dry skin. It's now healthy and normal looking! She literally rolls over on her back so I can put it on, she loves it so much. 

This might be one of the most expensive beauty products I've ever shared! I received this as a gift, otherwise I may not have ever tried it, despite the stellar reviews. It smells fantastic, and works wonders. I use it about once a week to remove dry, dead skin from my face. It's worth every penny, and I've barely used 1/4 of the bottle. 

Dr Brandt Microdermabrasion Review on

I will admit to totally impulse buying this a TJ Maxx the other week, but it quickly became a favorite! You apply your face wash as normal, and then rub it in with these silicone tools. The tool helps really get the product in and gives you a much deeper clean. I seriously saw a difference within one use! Here is a similar one on Amazon. 

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Let's Chat! Leave a comment below and let me know what you think of my recent favorites! Do you have a pair of shoes that worn in your closet? What is the most expensive beauty product you've tried? Would you try period underwear?

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