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Cricut Creations

Monday, June 10, 2019

I hope you guys find this interesting. My Cricut has quickly become one of my favorite things! It's rare if I go two days without whipping up a little something. The possibilities with this machine are literally endless, so it's been really fun and interesting to try out different projects. I thought I'd share a few recent creations with you today!

Matching Shampoo and Conditioner Bottles
This is one of those things that is totally unnecessary, but I am in absolute love with. I made two sets of matching shampoo, conditioner, and body wash bottles for both of our bathrooms. The bottles are from Amazon. The bottles are 32 oz, which is huge! It was basically a bottle and a half of my favorite shampoo, and that should last months and months.  

I've gotten so many compliments from guests, and a friend actually ordered a set from me for her airbnb! 

Side note: I started using this body wash and I could not love it more. It's got fairly clean ingredients and it smells so stinkin' good. 

Reverse Canvas
I think this is my favorite project to date! A reverse canvas is just what it sounds like. You buy a traditional canvas from a place like Walmart or Michaels. This one was about $8 for a pack of two canvases. You remove the canvas fabric from the frame, paint or stain the frame, iron on a heat transfer vinyl (that you cut with your Cricut) and then reattach the canvas.

I made this one for my in-laws anniversary this year. It's a few verses from their wedding song, and their wedding date at the bottom. It turned out really beautifully and they loved it. It's such an inexpensive project, but it looks SO swanky. 

My brother's wedding is next month, so I'm going to attempt a much bigger reverse canvas for their reception. 

Cups Galore
The first thing I mastered on my machine were vinyl decals! I'm having so much fun making them and trying out different designs. Holographic vinyl is so cool looking! 

If you have a machine, I could not recommend more! They have the best prices, and they ship super fast. 

Print and Cut
This took me hours to master, but it's been life changing. I am helping a friend make buttons (pins? I'm not sure what to call them) with my button maker. I've been hand cutting circles all this time, and then it dawned on me that I have a cutting machine! Duh.

It took some trial and error to figure out the settings, but now I know what I'm doing! You can print directly from the Cricut design software and it can read the image to cut it for you. My production has gone through the roof. 

Again, the possibilities are endless here. Print and cut is how all of those Etsy people make stickers! I definitely what to try that next.

Easy Gifting
The best thing, by far, about owning this machine is easy gifting! We've had several things come up recently that I wanted to have a gift for and I've literally been able to whip something up on the fly. I am keeping a small stash of things like cups, tea towels, and T shirts. It's been so easy to put something together and everyone loves a personalized gift. 

This was something my mom commissioned. She has been working in disaster relief in the Panama City area after hurricane Michael. She made some friends helping out in a kitchen and she wanted to get them something. All she told me was that this lady loves purple and she is always saying "Butter makes me happy." 

I bought this pack of blank tea towels on Amazon for less than $15 and have been able to make 4 separate gifts with it. Still plenty more to use too!

Talk to me! Leave a comment below and tell me which project is your favorite! What have you been DIYing lately? 
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  1. I SO agree about how everybody loves a personalized gift. It's so true! I always wish that I had some kind of talent where I could make homemade gifts because they're just so special! I love your creativity with the items you do. The canvas is so sweet!



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