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Fourth Quarter Goals

Thursday, October 13, 2016

I can't believe we are in October! As a kid I remember summer vacation being SO long, and now three months isn't any time at all. Back to school was always exciting though, and I think that the first autumn breeze brings back that same feeling of newness and rejuvenation. 

In the last few weeks I've really begun my new routine for the fall, and I'm trying to get back in control of a few things. The summer is always hectic, so I've been craving some consistency back in our schedule. Who am I kidding though, really, our whole life -winter, spring, summer and fall - is insanely busy. 

Fourth Quarter goals are something I've been doing basically my whole life, but just didn't know it. These are goals you set toward the end of the year. Who needs to start on January 1st? If you don't like something, change it! 

This fall I'm starting a new work schedule, with a new position at my job. I will now be in the office 3 days a week, instead of just 2. I've had the same position for several years now as an office manager. I love that job and I'm good at it. But when you've done the same thing for awhile it's nice to have an opportunity for growth! Now I will be in the field more, working as an assistant to my boss. I've already spent 3 days with him outside the office and I love it! The day goes by so much faster, and I love getting to see inside so many houses. I have gotten carsick all 3 times though, so Dramamine is going to have to be part of my new job, for sure. My Goal in the office is to keep my enthusiasm and to be a quick learner. I'm kind of working up to asking for a raise, so I want to have a good track record to plead my case. 

Aside from my office job, I have really started working on my Ebay store! Now you can shop my store straight from the blog...#buymystuff! I'm flipping items I find in thrift stores, as well as my own closet. Read my tips for selling on Ebay here. My Goal here is to at least double my money on anything I flip. So that means careful purchases and good prices. I'm nervous about inventory just hanging out in the closet too.

Hand in hand with work is money. Blake and I are talking over some new ways to manage money. I'd love to see a few changes in where our money goes. I've been doing a lot of research, and it seems like we are definitely not the only ones looking to change. I'm really interested in minimalism, but not in every aspect of our life. So My Goal regarding money is to make an action plan, and maybe take the first step. 

Our house has undergone some AWESOME changes this year! Our bathroom remodel was a huge project that I am beyond thrilled with. & The back porch makeover is something we will enjoy so much in the cooler weather. Because we spent so much money on both projects I'm trying to be content and stay grateful with the results. The problem is I have a huge list of things I want to work on next! I feel like there is always something to improve. 

My Goal in the house, though, is something simple but will make a huge difference. After we finished the bathroom I had to do some touch up painting around the hallway from the construction. I ended up caulking and painting all the trim. It's not perfect, but I can't believe the difference! Our whole house needs this treatment. So before the end of the year I'd like to caulk and paint all the trim in the house, as well as touch up any paint that has been scratched or dinged. So do-able and I promise no more big projects until 2017!

I'm pretty good with where I'm at this year mentally. My anxiety is pretty under control, and it's been awhile since I've had any panic problems. I'm trying not to be so tightly wound and that really helps. Although sometimes I have an instant panic when Blake cracks my that weird? I know it is, it's just the feeling of being trapped I think. Anyways...not the point of this post! 

I'm still dealing with hypoglycemia, but I'm managing that pretty well. I've had to change how I feel about food and I always keep a granola bar in my bag. I have gained a little weight this year because of that. It's weird eating more often, but not more food in general, and I'm still working on that. 

My Goal, physically, is to do well in the 10k I've signed up for! It's in November, so not much time left! My sister and I started training, but then she hurt her back and I went on a really long vacation where I only got one run in. We've got a cruise at the end of November, so that's a good incentive to work out hard. 

My Goal, spiritually, is a never ending one. I want to be a woman of prayer and always read the Bible everyday. It's important to me that I don't make decisions and then ask God to bless them, but to have Him help me make the decision in the first place. The more effort I put into my relationship with Him the more I get out of it, so that's something I've been reflecting on lately and want to pursue in the next few months. 

The Pugs
Yes, I have goals regarding my dogs! My favorite thing to do lately is to take them all on a walk. We weren't really big into walks before, because adult pugs are so low maintenance and don't need much activity. Now that we have a puppy, walks are so helpful in keeping him entertained and I love how tired he is afterward! The girls love it too, and exercise is always good.

My Goal is to keep up these walks and get Winston through puppyhood! He's doing really well with potty training and I want to work with him more on his tricks. 

The Blog
I have been thinking lots and lots about Pugs and Pearls lately, and I keep asking myself if it's something I want to keep doing and if I still like it. The answer, in short, is yes! I just find it so challenging sometimes. We do plenty of things that make for good posts, yet I forget or don't take any pictures...outfits are really hard to do in the summer here...I figure you guys don't want another pug update...etc. I'm just my own worst enemy. 

My Goal for the blog is simple, post more! I don't think it needs to be extravagant or exciting, but sometimes things just don't seem important enough to post...but I'll let you be the judge of that. 

Thanks for letting me rant a little bit! I'm excited for this season and for the fresh start it brings! Tell me your big 4th quarter goal! 

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