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Currently Loving - Fall 2016

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

It's been a good while since I shared some of my current favorites! I love hearing what other people are excited about and I enjoy sharing snapshots from around our home. Here are 5 things that I am currently loving!

World Market always has the best pug stuff! I stopped by the store looking for dining chair cushions, but totally got distracted by the artwork. I fell in love with this canvas! It fits perfectly on the wall right above Winston's kennel. A close second was this pug picture! At the checkout I mentioned how much I love that World Market always has pug themed things, and the cashier told me they just got a shipment of pug cookie jars! She graciously unwrapped one so I could see it. 

two// New Makeup Organization
I pretty much only ever bought drugstore makeup until I started using Ipsy and discovered Youtube makeup tutorials! Since then I've had fun changing up my makeup routine and learning new techniques. A side effect of that was a growing makeup collection! What I used to keep in a small zip pouch now had to be expanded to a larger case. The case took up so much room and I hated having to dig through it to find what I wanted. So I changed it up a bit. I grabbed the basket that I used to keep spare TP in, and made it more functional as make up storage. I threw my brushes and eyeliners in a toothbrush holder and then stacked all my palettes neatly. My lipsticks aren't as organized as I'd like but I will figure that out. It's worked really well and I love seeing my collection. I'm also a person who keeps things nice and neat, so I promise it won't get junky. And we always put the seat down to flush, so even though my brushes are out in the open, they stay clean. 

custom corkcicle tumbler
This was a total impulse buy. But, one I truly have gotten my money's worth from. I went shopping for a gift for Blake's Boss' Retirement party in an adorable boutique. It was actually incredibly overwhelming how many cute things they had. I finally decided to get her a Corkcicle Canteen, with her monogram on it. As I was browsing, this Tumblercaught my eye! This shade of green is literally my favorite, and I can't even name it properly! (They call it Caribbean Green) Funnily, I've been SO against the Yeti craze. I don't get spending that much money on a cup. I defend this purchase, however, because it's a cute color and a good bit cheaper than a Yeti. And how cute is the customization!? So far my favorite thing has been using it for my protein shakes in the morning. Ice cold!

I had to take a bite, just for effect! This current obsession is just further proof I'm turning into my mom. She ordered from Schwan's my entire childhood! We loved the pancakes and ice cream cups growing up. I started ordering from them a few months ago and really love it! Their food is great and Blake and I can live off the huge bags of stuff for awhile. Our absolute favorite, hands down, is the Peanut butter cup ice cream minis! I'm such a sucker for anything peanut butter and chocolate. These minis are just enough to cure your sweet tooth, but it's also only 120 calories for one. While we eat of the rest of our order for several weeks, these guys are gone really quickly. 

five// Three Tiered Serving Display from Sam's Club
As I was taking pictures of my last 2 favorites, I realized I had never shared what was in the background! I picked this tray up from Sam's a few months ago (can't find it on their website!) and I bought it for a wedding I was helping with. We used it to display ice cream cones for their Sundae bar. After I brought it home, it looked so good in my kitchen! I thought about doing a coffee or tea station, with mugs and tea bags like I'd seen on Pinterest, hence why my blue willow mugs are on the 2nd shelf. But, the cabinet I have my mugs stored in was really not needed for anything else. Plus, we don't drink coffee! Kinda silly to have all that out to clutter up the counter for no reason. Independently I was I having a probably storing produce in a big bowl on the other side of the kitchen. Either it didn't all fit or somethings would ripen others. This stand ended up being perfect for produce! I can seperate it all but still contain it in one space. And my blue willow stayed out because it's really cute and matches the kitchen. 

Ah! That was probably way too many details about nothing. I haven't shared my favorites in a while so I just got carried away. I can't say these posts will come any more frequently, as I am actually really hunkering down on the things we buy. What I share here will end up being things we truly love and that are worth sharing! Thanks for following along, comment below what you're currently loving!

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  1. Oh my gosh that pug print is adorable! So perfect for you!

    Emma | Seeking the South

  2. Love the artwork! I bought some pug prints on Etsy at a reasonable price that are SO cute!

    1. Yes! Etsy is such a fantastic thing, isn't it! I often search for anything pug related.

  3. That pug print is so cute! Love it. I'm always looking for new ways to store my makeup (I have way, way too much!) That little basket is so cute.

    x Diana //

    1. Thanks!! It's a system that seems to be working for me.



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