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Book Club: Before I Go To Sleep

Monday, October 3, 2016

Before I Go to Sleep by S. J. Watson
From Amazon:As I sleep, my mind will erase everything I did today. I will wake up tomorrow as I did this morning. Thinking I'm still a child, thinking I have a whole lifetime of choice ahead of me... 
Memories define us. So what if you lost yours every time you went to sleep? Your name, your identity, your past, even the people you love--all forgotten overnight. And the one person you trust may only be telling you half the story.
Welcome to Christine's life.

What I Didn't Like:
I felt like the middle of the book got a little repetitive. However, that is understandable given the fact that the main character has amnesia and has to relearn things constantly. One plot hole I can't really discuss because it gives away something huge in the story- so basically there is one twist that I don't think makes sense. 

What I Liked: 
I could not put this book down! I finished it in less than a day. I was sucked in after I read the first page. You get confused right along with Christine, and the unfolding of the mystery is well paced and engrossing. I didn't figure it out until the end, and that means something!

Overall Rating: 
5 out of 5 Stars (1: hated it, 2: didn't like it, 3: liked it, 4:liked it, 5: loved it)
If you want a quick read, this is it! My mom passed along this book after she finished it in a day, I read it in a day, and I passed it on to my sister in law. I read it on our vacation, and I think I made everyone else discontent with the books they brought. It's not 50 first dates though!

Leave me a comment: What's next on your to-read list??


  1. What are your comments on girl on the train? I want to read this but wanted to see what others have said

    1. Right here!

  2. Have you read the light between oceans...just wanted to know what your take was on it?

    1. Not yet! But it's on my list of to-be-read...maybe I'll pick it up next.



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