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This Week: April 17th

Friday, April 17, 2015

I'm Watching: Have you guys seen the new teaser trailer for Star Wars? Inner nerd coming out again, but it's so exciting! The music alone...I learned to play the French Horn in 6th grade, so anytime I hear one I get all nostalgic. Remind me to tell the story about how a scrawny little 6th girl ended up with the giant French Horn...

I'm Reading: I'm thinking of going vegetarian, so lately I've been reading a lot about it and what a typical body needs nutritionally. And looking at lots of vegetarian recipes! 

I'm Listening To: Currently loving: The Book Of Love by Gavin James

I'm Wishing For: Basically everything in the Lilly for Target line!! I think my favorite dress is actually the maxi dress, I usually do not care for maxi dresses. Who am I kidding though, I want everything. The prices are so great too.

I Need To: Time to do my nails! I've gotten to a place where I don't feel completely dressed without my nails painted. I think it is going to be Butler Please.

I'm Looking Forward To: Well the baby shower I'm throwing is this Saturday, so I would say I'm looking forward to that-but I'm more looking forward to it being over at this point. While I love throwing parties, it is a little bit stressful when you want everything to be perfect, ya know?

I'm Making: Did you see my Crunchy Asian Salad recipe? Super yummy, and easy to throw together.

Favorite Moment of the Week: It hasn't happened yet. The best moment of my week is going to be tonight when I get home from work and my yard is going to be done. Our lawn mower has been broken for a few weeks, and the shop is taking forever to fix it. The yard got really bad, so we hired a lawn service for the week. It is going to look so nice, and the best part is I didn't have to do anything! 

What are you guys up to this week??

xoxo Kristen

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