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Black & Gold Baby Shower: with DIY Lemonade Bar

Monday, April 20, 2015

I love party planning! Well, I love the idea of party planning anyway. I do tend to get stressed out because of wanting everything to be just right. But the coming up with ideas and finding decorations, now that's my jam.
This weekend I threw my sister-in-law a baby shower to welcome their baby boy, whose name is going to be Zane. Because they went pretty gender neutral with my niece's gear, they had pretty much everything they needed. We still wanted to throw them a small shower so they could get clothes and diapers for the baby. 
Gold has been huge this year, so I wanted to do a black and gold theme. It turned out really cool, and I liked that it was different from the typical baby blue. Pinterest had tons of cute ideas. I intended to do a lot of crafty decorations for this party, but my life has been so busy lately I just decided to buy everything. My time became worth the extra couple of bucks on Amazon/Target, ya know? 
I have 2 favorite things about this shower.
  One was the game we played. I'm not big on shower games ya'll, but I wanted to do some kind of activity. Finally we came up with a baby picture game. It worked out really well, and I think everyone really liked it. I had some of the guests send me a baby picture of themselves ahead of time, burned them to a dvd, made a game card, and basically pressed play. Each picture was on the screen for 15 seconds, and the guests had to guess who's who. The person who guessed the most right wins a prize. Our winner just happened to be the momma-to-be. 
My 2nd favorite thing we did was a DIY Lemonade Bar! Oh my goodness, it was a hit. Super simple too. I set up a table, filled a punch bowl with lemonade (I used Simply Lemonade...people were asking for my recipe!) put out cups and straws, and had a few 'toppings' cut up. You can do so many things with this bar. Your guests can add strawberries, blackberries, raspberries, mint leaves, lemon, limes...hey go crazy and put out some gin! 
I didn't have a second to spare to take any pictures, but thankfully my friend's have my back! Thanks to Chabeli for the great pics! Click the links for free printables of my game card and lemonade sign.

Printable Sign

Hover to Pin!


Did you notice the picture with the tissue paper explosion? Just goes to show kids don't need much to have fun. I had so much help pulling this shower off, and I'm so grateful to have such hard working friends! Zane got a lot of really great stuff, and I know I can't wait to meet the little guy! We got him an ahhmazing herringbone suit from Janie and Jack. Uhm, why doesn't that store make adult sizes?? I would seriously wear everything they make! 

Leave me a comment: How do you guys feel about baby shower games? Have you ever played any really fun ones? Have you noticed how kids love to sit right up under the person opening presents? 

xoxo Kristen

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