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This Week: January 16th

Friday, January 16, 2015

I'm Watching: I'm still binging on Gilmore Girls! Finally made it to season 4. Didn't have too much time for tv this week, but I made time for the Bachelor! I am really wondering how much those producers are paying him to keep crazy eyed pomegranate/onion lady in the mix! 
I'm Reading: I enjoyed reading this list of things to say to the Disney characters. Everyone laughs at me because I get completely star-struck in front of the characters, so I'm hoping this list will help me! 
I'm Listening to: Loving Thinking Out Loud by Ed Sheeran
I'm Wishing For: Blake and I had a lunch date the other day and we both order shrimp tacos. The tacos came on these amazing taco-holder things, and I just have to have them! They are so cool, and you get maximum taco to plate. 
I need to: Oh this list is so long! We are having family over on Saturday and our house needs some major preparation! I've already got a lot done, but I just like everything to be just right. 
I'm Looking Forward to: This weekend! Not only are we having family over, but Sunday I'm attending a shower for a friend and we are taking a day trip to Disney on Monday!! It has been too long!! 
I'm Making: I am forever making fresh salsa! Ugh, I could eat it by the spoonful...and often do.  

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Leave me a comment: What are you guys up to this week? 


  1. Since Gilmore Girls hit netflix I feel like I haven't been able to stop watching! Loved checking out your blog!

    -xo Cait

  2. I just ADORE Gilmore GIrls! Thanks for sharing these!
    xo ClassToCloset



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