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Disney Prints Before & Afters

Thursday, January 15, 2015

When my husband bought our house in 2006, he had a lovely housewarming party, and people were so generous with helping him start his new home! One of the gifts he received was a set of Italian countryside "paintings". A really nice gift, especially considering he had nothing to put on the walls. This house has undergone many changes since then! It even looks vastly different from when I moved in almost 5 years ago. One thing that remained the same were those paintings. They lived in our dining room, and did just fine there. 

But, to be honest, they aren't really our style at all. I have been wanting to replace them, but it also wasn't really high up on the to-do list. On our last trip to Walt Disney World we found the perfect thing. In one of the gift shops was a set of really cool WDW attraction posters. I had to have them! They are definitely more our style-considering we are major Disney fans. And, the posters are subtle in that they aren't overtly Disney. One poster does have Snow White on it, but we didn't hang that one up. The pack came with 12 posters, but we only hung up 6. Take a look!


So, there were two paintings, one on either side of our bedroom door. Not hideous or anything, but just not our thing. The lighting in these is absolutely awful (sorry!), no flash is too dark, and the flash reflects off the glass. You get the idea.

One thing that I love about my husband, is that he is so precise. Because of this he is amazing at hanging things up! Measure twice! 



There are two sets, one for Walt Disney World and one for Disneyland. Now, I can't find this anywhere in the Disney-store online. Here is the set in a calendar version or on ebay. They are 12 x 18 which is an odd size so we did have to order the frames online. I'm so excited to have these up! Everytime I walk in the dining room I have the sudden urge to go to Disney World. My favorite poster is the Monorail one, and the 20,000 leagues under the sea is pretty cool too! The only one I absolutely hate is the Country Bear Jamboree-I cannot stand that attraction!!! In fact I think they are remodeling that one, which is good because it's the worst. 

Leave me a comment: What do you think? How do you bring Disney into your everyday life? What should I do with the Italian Countryside paintings? 

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