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Two Rules for Staying Organized

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Keeping my house organized is so important to me. I often get made fun of for it-people say I must have OCD or some other compulsion to clean. That may be slightly true, but mostly I try to stay organized because it helps my family function well. It saves me time, because I know where everything is. It keeps my house clean because everything has a place! 
Here are the two rules I follow to keep my house organized:
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Rule #1 Everything should have a place! 
Examples in my house: When you first walk in the door, we have a bunch of hooks for keys and jackets. We also have a bin near the door for shoes. In the living room we have a basket for remotes and bins for movies. Yeah, I love bins!
When everything has a place you don't end up with clutter and piles of junk around the house. This method makes your house look so neat and streamlined. You will know exactly where to go to find your keys, or screwdriver or whatever odd/end that always ends up in the junk drawer. & Isn't that the whole point!

Rule #2 Make it easy to follow through.
This is essential to the organizing process. If you organize your house top to bottom, but it isn't easy to keep up with, your house will just end up right back where it started. For example: We have that bin by the front door to catch our shoes-but if we kept the bin in another room it wouldn't work. Your method has to be easy to work with and easy to remember. Also remember that if you have kids, it has to be easy for them to keep up with. 

Leave me a comment: How do you stay organized? Do you love bins and baskets as much as I do??

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