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This Week:

Friday, December 5, 2014

I'm watching:

Can this video be more accurate

I'm (still) reading:
Beach Music - Pat Conroy

I'm listening to: 
Take Me To Church - Hoizer
This song has been on the radio so much lately, but I can't get enough!

I'm wishing for: 
While everyone is lusting after that Herringbone vest from J. Crew-I'm over here wanting this navy striped one! Monogram included. 

I need to: 
Get the house ready for a little dinner party! We are having a few people over this weekend, and I haven't done anything to prepare. Whoops!

I'm looking forward to: 
Going to First Friday in Tallahassee this evening! 
Once a month on the first Friday Railroad Square opens up its galleries, shops and food trucks to the  public for basically a festival. I went a few times when I lived in Tallahassee, and it was always entertaining. Tonight my friend Megan is getting a group together to go check it out. I'm excited! 

I'm making: 
I haven't made them yet, but I just saw on Pinterest a 'recipe' to make your own Magic Erasers! I use those things so often!! The recipe seems almost too simple...I'm willing to try though! Anything to help save money

Leave me a comment: What are you guys up to this week? 

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