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Monday, March 18, 2024

Reef Sandals

When I say how shocking light these sandals are, I still don't think you can understand until you pick them up! While they look clunky, they are light as a feather. You will see me wearing these all summer long. They fit like a glove, and didn't even take time to break in at all. I think I may just have to buy them in black as well.

Yeti Water Bottles

Day 4 of my February declutter challenge had us tackling our tumbler and cup collections. That experience helped us to see we wanted to do something different there. Instead of amassing a bunch of random cups, I wanted to invest in specific matching ones. One color for me, and one color for Blake. He's got the Yeti coffee mug, a 16 oz tumbler, the 35 oz tumbler with a straw, and now a more travel style water bottle - all in navy. We feel like that covers all the possibilities of travel beverages. He uses the coffee mug the least, but that's great for hot coffee or tea. He uses the 16 oz tumbler everyday for his cold brew. The 35oz tumbler is awesome for water for the day. He fills it up in the morning to use with his workout, and then he transports it to work and can refill it there. The water bottle is the newest addition and will be ideal for our upcoming trips! It's perfect to put in a backpack and not worry about spills. 

Next, I'll slowly be adding the same cups for me to our cabinet. They are obviously pricey, so I'll just get them over time. I went with cosmic lilac. A gorgeous color, but not loud. First up for me is the travel water bottle. I love using it daily, but I specifically had our upcoming trips in mind. 

Homesick Beach Cottage Candle

I'm not usually a candle person! My diffuser is usually sufficient for making the house smell nice. My mom has a Pura diffuser, which is really cool. She got the Beach Cottage scent, and it was the first scent she's used that stopped me in my tracks. It's just a really nice, summery smell. It's a strong candle, so I have been burning it sparingly, and honestly it still throws scent without a flame. 

Plus the jar is really cute! 

Amazon Wrap Dress

Just picked up this black maxi (midi?) dress from Amazon and thought I'd share! It's very versatile! Who doesn't need an easy black dress that can be dressed up or down? 

Vital Proteins Collagen Coffee Creamer

Very excited to try this! I'm on a mission to strengthen my finger nails, and a lot of people say that collagen can help with that. This is a light vanilla flavor, so it's nice to add to my usual morning coffee. 


This was purchased specifically for our upcoming Alaska trip. All I own are cheapy Walmart gloves that work just fine here in Florida - but I knew I was going to need something more legit. These are it! They are water proof, and so cozy on the inside. Plus, they are touchscreen compatible. I'm really happy with these, and hope they work well for our trip! Either way, I'm happy to have them for next winter. 

I went with size medium if that helps you shop.

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