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Dinner Tonight Cook Book Club #1

Friday, January 5, 2024

Two of my cousins and I are doing a little cookbook club! It's an experiment, so we are still outlining the 'rules'. Basically, the 3 of us are big Defined Dish fans and when we received the newest cookbook we decided to work our way through it together. Each of us will take turns choosing one recipe a week and report back on what we think. 

I got to choose first, which felt like a lot of pressure because all the recipes really look amazing. I went with One Pan Coconut-Lime Chicken and Rice on page 98. 

The only thing we did differently was use chicken breast instead of thighs since that's what I had in the fridge. Overall, really really good. It was spicier than expected, so that's something to note if you have kids or chapped lips. Would make again! 

And since we have been hosting my niece for the week, she picked a dessert to try. We went with the Chocolate Chunk Cookie Skillet on page 221. Our skillet was dirty so we used a baking dish instead. Admittedly this was pretty dry - but because we topped it with ice cream I think that helped. And we ate the entire thing in a couple of days, so must not have been all that bad. 

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