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5 Reasons I Love My Kindle

Monday, July 10, 2023

Reading is one of my very favorite hobbies! Even as a kid, I adored book fairs and going to my elementary school library. I read a lot all through school, and devoured series after series. As a young adult, I found myself busy with other things, and my reading slowed down. But, maybe about 10 years ago, I really picked it up again. 

The first book review I did here on the blog was in 2015! And since, I've done *26* Recent Read posts where I share quick reviews of several books at a time. All of this reading could not be done without my Kindle! It's such a great, fairly inexpensive tool for reading. 

Here are 5 reasons why I love my Kindle:

Reading at Night

Sometimes, it's late - but I'm so into a book that I'm not quite ready to go to sleep. The Kindle has a dim backlight to make reading in bed no problem. I never feel guilty about keeping a light on that will disturb my husband. Plus, it's light weight, so I can hold it in all kinds of strange positions without it falling on my face like a book could. 

Read at the Beach or Pool

This might be a Florida girl problem, but I dislike taking a paper book to the beach. I am very diligent about sunscreen, and I always feel like my books get sunscreen all over them. Plus, any moisture is bound to make a paper book warp. If I am going to read a physical book, I want it to remain in good condition. So, using a Kindle at the beach or pool is perfect. The paperwhite screen of the Kindle is so easy to see in the sun. If I do get sunscreen on my device, it's easy to wipe off at the end of the day. 

Packing Light

When we go on vacation, I obviously want to bring something to read. Especially if it's an airplane trip, or a place were we will be doing a lot of lounging. My problem is, I'm a fast reader. So if I were to bring a physical book, I'd worry that I'd finish it too quickly and then have nothing else to read. With my Kindle, I just download whatever I want to have plenty of options. And, if I finish what I planned to read, it's no problem at all to download another book over wifi. 

It Syncs With Libby

I cannot live without our library! I'm so grateful we have this service. With the amount of books I read, I can't imagine how much money I've saved using Libby with my library! One huge perk of this app is that you can send your library e books to your Kindle. It's very simple to do, and totally free. 

Want my biggest Libby + Kindle tip?! If you aren't quite done with a book before it's due, turn your Kindle on airplane mode and the book won't return on it's due date. 

It Helps Me Stay Clutter Free

I'm a wannabe minimalist. It's an ongoing goal to declutter our home and not hold onto anything unnecessary. That coupled with moving twice in the last few years has made me not hold on to books! They are really heavy in moving boxes to say the least. I still get physical books from time to time, but I always pass them on to a friend or leave them in a Little Library box somewhere. I feel totally guilt free collecting books on my Kindle!

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