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February Grove Haul

Monday, February 20, 2023

Glass Straws & Case - Free Gift!

This would probably not be something I would have bought on my own, but it was a free gift with purchase. These are so great though. We kind of needed some more reusable straws too, so it worked out nicely to get these as my free gift. 

Pet Waste Bags

We get these in just about every single order! With three pugs, we need to restock frequently. 

Sinkside Tray - Free Gift!

This was an VIP gift for the quarter. I'll say, I didn't really need this for myself, but I am happy to hang on to it for a future hostess or housewarming gift. They are really nice, and I have them at each of my sinks. 

Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner Spray 

10/10 product from Grove! I love this and it gets out any thing and everything. I was getting low on my previous bottle and did not want to run out. 

Grove Glass Cleaner Concentrate 

Another favorite! I use this with the glass e-cloth for streak free mirrors and windows. My favorite scent of these concentrates is the Lavender Thyme. It's fresh, but not too strong. 

Grove Hand Soap Refill 

My upstairs soap dispenser is getting low, so I wanted to grab a refill. The mango scent is seasonal, so it was on clearance. Too bad because it smells so good!! 

Grove Microfiber Cleaning Cloths

Just adding to my collection! I love these for dusting and even bathrooms. 

Grove Peppermint Essential Oil

I was pretty impressed with the last oils I ordered, so I grabbed peppermint in this order. The sizes are so great! 

Method Hardwood Cleaner

Just my favorite floor cleaner! The Almond scent is so good. Even Blake comments on how much he likes it. 

Method Toilet Cleaner

I mistakenly thought I was low on this, so I restocked. But, turns out I had plenty. So now I have even more! Oh, well, I'm stocked up for a bit. 

Olly Sleep Sample

I didn't really need a sample of this, I already love it! But, hey it's a free night's supply. 

PYT Liquid Liner

For the last year or so, I've really been enjoying my Honest Company make up (and still do!). I have been running low on my liquid liner, so I thought I'd try this instead of making a separate Target order. Love the pink packaging, and this is highly rated. 

PYT Blush

Same with my blush, I was running low. This is a really great, natural blush color! Blush lasts forever too, so I'm looking forward to this being in my makeup bag for a long time. 

Peach Hand and Body Soap Bar - Free Gift!

Are you a bar soap person or a body wash person? I like both, but gravitate towards bar soap. In fact, I have enough bar soap in my stash to last quite a while. Grove just keeps giving these to me for free! It's a great soap so I'm not complaining. 

New to Grove? Use my link to sign up and get some free gifts! 

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