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Diary #11.2021

Friday, December 17, 2021

Diary posts are just a fancy way for me to dump my camera roll into a blog post! 

Buff City Soap

A new location of Buff City Soap opened up here, and I won one of their grand opening giveaways! I really encourage everyone to enter giveaways...I counted up how many I've won in recent history and it's at least 10. What do you have to lose, ya know?

It's exciting to win free stuff, but I have to say it's all GREAT! If you are a friend, just know I'm gifting Buff City stuff for any special occasion in the future. Highly recommend their scrubs and the shower oil. 👌

New Car!

Blake has actually been driving his FIRST car for the last 16 years, so it was absolutely luxurious to upgrade. He went with a Kia K5, which has been a dream so far. 

Star Wars Symphony

Blake and I enjoyed an amazing outdoor concert recently. A Star Wars concert to be exact! Not only did we have front row tickets, but a few characters popped up from time to time. Did you know I was a band kid? I played French horn for a year, and then I changed to flute! I was first chair, and had private lessons which helped me earn a Superior in my solo ensemble. I didn't continue with my music career, but seeing live concerts brings me right back! This was such a fun performance, and we loved the whole experience of the outdoor event. 

Charcuterie Boards

We haven't done much socializing in the past 2 years, but we've done a few game nights and I joined a book club recently. My contribution towards the food has been DIY charcuterie boards! It's a new hobby, and I'd love to get better at assembling them. I used my cutting board as the board, for one and borrowed my mom's huge butcher block for another. They make such cute boards with knife sets I probably need to invest in. I'm looking at this one

Cricut Creations

I used to post SO many craft projects I did with my Cricut here on the blog. Now that I have my Etsy shop, I rarely do anything 'just for fun' anymore. But, I did have fun making this tote bag for my brother and sister in law! They have the sweetest dog named Judd, so I was able to transform his photo into a cut file and turn it into this cute tote. Actually, I before I gave it to them, I changed the ribbon to a red bandana which Judd always sports.

Pug Pics

You know almost all of my camera roll is pug pictures right?


Super excited with how this turned out! It took a really long time for me to settle on which tile we wanted to put in our kitchen. The countertops actually have a hint of purple in it, so that was challenging to work with. I didn't want to go neutral, because the whole house is so neutral. We ended up choosing a jade picket shape, and it just made the kitchen feel so much more complete. Also really happy with the choice to take it up to the ceiling. 

Other Updates

I just wanted to share that I currently have the goal of learning Spanish. I've actually needed to learn for ages. Blake and I do a lot of volunteer construction work which involves some Spanish translation, and now with my newer role at my day job, we are on construction sites a lot, and there tends to be a lot of Spanish speaking workers in our area. I just want to be able to be friendly and communicate what I need without making us both feel dumb. So, I picked up Duolingo and I'm on a month long streak! Super excited about that. Obviously, I'm such a beginner, but I've retained more than I ever did in school and even when I visited Nicaragua. (I was with a fluent friend and relied on her the whole time we were on that trip!) 

I'm also SO close to reaching my reading goal for 2021! I want to read 100 books, and I just finished number 97 (!!!!!!) this morning. Just about 2 weeks left to get to 100, and I feel really good about that. More book reviews coming, and I'd even like to write a post about how to read more for those who'd like to up their reading goals. I barely made it to 40 books in 2020, so this was a huge jump. 

Let's Chat!

How are you feeling about the end of 2021? I feel like this year FLEW. So much has happened, but at the same time, it felt like more of the same. I'm in the process of really thinking out some goals for 2022. 

Any band kids reading this?! And what do yo typically bring to gatherings? Do you have a go to recipe? Charcuterie boards are always a hit, and they look fancier than they really are. Also, do you try to enter giveaways? Ever won any?!

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