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His & Hers Old Navy Haul (My fav winter jeans!)

Monday, January 18, 2021

At the end of the year I found my self order multiple times from Old Navy! Between Black Friday sales and the extra cash you get back...I felt like we had Old Navy packages on our porch for days! (It doesn't help that they seem to ship every item separately!?) 

Winter 2020 Old Navy Haul:

The orders mostly started because Blake needed some winter workout gear. He has been exercising consistently with me for a while now, but only seemed to have gym shorts and t-shirts. So we picked up some new sweatpants, long sleeve shirts, and a quarter zip for him. He is really pleased with all of these pieces, and wish they had more colors. 

I ended up ordering 3 new pairs of jeans, and I am IN LOVE with the built in warm jeans. I had never seen these before, but they are a game changer. They are brushed on the inside, but still very flattering and not bulky. I find myself reaching for them almost every day! 

I was also pleasantly surprised with how much I love the leggings I bought for myself! They are so soft, and don't fall down while I run, which is very important. I did end up exchanging these for a bigger size, so I recommend sizing up. (I do not like my leggings to be skin tight and revealing. But like I said, I sized up and they still don't fall down.) I also grabbed a navy long sleeve tunic style athletic top. It's on the thin side, but that's just fine for our climate and my sport of choice. 

If you like a medium/light impact sports bra, this is a great one! I loved the light pink one I had, so I also added a solid black one to my cart. 

And, because we are still in a pandemic, we grabbed another pack of cloth masks. I really loved the first set we got of 5, but I knew Blake wanted some more solid, neutral colors. He did rock that polka dot one though! 

Because I wanted a cozy zip-up hoodie to wear around the house, while I am working from home, I scooped up this one in light pink! So many things I've purchased lately have been this shade of pink. 

I don't think we need to go shopping for a long time now, but we are really pleased with what we got. Make sure if you are doing any online shopping that you check Rakuten for coupon codes or cash back! With all the sales at the end of the year and what we bought during our move, I earned close to $200 cash back by using Rakuten. The payout period ends right around our anniversary, so it will be perfect timing to get that check! Highly recommend installing the browser extension so you don't even have to remember to check, it just pops up when you are shopping. (If you use my link to sign up, you get $20 for free with your first purchase!)

Leave a comment below and tell me where you shop for athletic clothes. Have you ever worn cozy jeans like these?! I didn't even know they existed, but I swear I can't go back to flimsy, cold jeans again.


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