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Thursday Three | 11-12-20

Thursday, November 12, 2020

This week we were supposed to be closing on the sale of our house, but looks like we are going to be a little bit delayed! Lots of hurry-up-and-waiting happening around here. We've been working like dogs to get the final repairs and touch ups done! Another headache was that my debit card was frozen due to fraudulent charges...then we both ended up with colds, so yeah it's been a week.

One | We've Moved!

We officially moved out of our house and we are completely unpacked in our new place. We are so comfortable here and it already feels like home. A couple of fun highlights: We have a dishwasher now! We are also loving the fact that we don't have a yard to take care of. The dogs had to get used to being walked everyday on their leashes but it didn't take long for them to adjust. (It is annoying to not be able to just open the back door for them, but it's really no big deal.) 

The only thing we haven't done is order our new couch! Blake wanted to wait until we had the cash from our closing, and it's a good thing we did because now that our closing is a little bit delayed it will be helpful to have extra money in case we have to pay rent and a mortgage. 🙄 I'm positive things will work out though! For now we have two big chairs pushed together for a couch, and it's working just fine. 

Two | Cute Walmart PJs

I feel like all the new clothes I've purchased this year have been from Walmart. They've totally stepped up their game. I saw these PJs in store, but they didn't have my size, so I ordered online. They are too cute and comfy. The pattern I chose is rather sheer, but because the top is so long I feel like it's not a deal breaker. Unfortunately the pair I bought came with a rip near the bottom, so I may have to return, but I also feel like a quick stitch with a needle and thread will save me the hassle. 

Three | New Nail Colors

Keeping my nails painted has always been a form of self care for me. I've purged my collection over time, and then when we moved I realized that half of my polishes were getting goopy and old-so I parted with them. (In fact you saw me declutter them in my 5 Things To Declutter Now post!) I went to do a home manicure and noticed I only summery bright shades. I didn't really have anything for fall and winter, so I picked up this GORGEOUS mauve shade called In Stiches and I ordered another rose gold glitter color I can't wait to get. I also bought the Essie Gel Top Coat in their rapid dry formula and it's fantastic! 

That's it from me this week! I hope you all have had a positive and productive week! Leave a comment below and let me know what's going on in your life and what fun things you've picked up recently. 


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