I don't know if it's our new place, but I've just been loving cooking dinner! It definitely helps knowing cleaning up isn't going to be as tedious now that we have a dishwasher. 😂 Meal planning is something I have come to love. Sticking to the plan takes all the pressure off during the week, and keeps us on budget! Sometimes it's hard to come up with new ideas, so I thought I'd share a few recent recipes in case you need some inspiration! 
Happy Thursday Friends! Getting this post up a little late, but hey, it's still Thursday! 

One | Love Spell

After not wearing any perfume for years really, I felt like changing it up. Most fragrances give me a headache, but I still want to smell good, so it's kinda tricky. I wore Love Spell in High School, and got super nostalgic and bought a bottle. Isn't it just amazing how a scent can take you right back to a moment in time?! 
2020 has been such a strange year, but thankfully sometimes something good can come out of something bad. I never thought the year I turned 30 would be the year I got comfortable with my makeup free face! Honestly, I think I just forgot what I looked like without makeup, and then suddenly I wasn't wearing any for days at a time. Funnily enough, now I feel weird when I do wear makeup! (I put red lipstick on the other day and thought I looked like a clown.)
This week we were supposed to be closing on the sale of our house, but looks like we are going to be a little bit delayed! Lots of hurry-up-and-waiting happening around here. We've been working like dogs to get the final repairs and touch ups done! Another headache was that my debit card was frozen due to fraudulent charges...then we both ended up with colds, so yeah it's been a week.
After what felt like the longest reading drought ever, I'm finally back with some book recommendations! I picked up several books at the end of the summer/early fall that either I just couldn't get into or ended up being subjects that I did not expect and had to give up on.

My goal is to read 40 books this year and I'm at 32. I think I'd be much closer, but I seriously put down 5-6 books in the last few weeks. I'm going to try to kick it up a notch since we've got 2 months left! That's a book a week!  😮

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