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Surprise! We Sold Our House

Tuesday, October 6, 2020

Where to start? Well, surprise! Our house is under contract! We are selling! I can hardly believe it as I type those words. I feel like I have so much to catch you up on. 

I'll keep it short, and maybe do a longer post about this in the future. Essentially, we have been praying about this decision for months, if not years. Homeownership has been 20% fun and 80% a huge burden to us. While it's been a lovely home, with tons of great memories, we really feel that owning a home has been an anchor or a weight that has kept us stuck in one place. Not to mention the huge expense that comes with owning a 70 year old home. 

The pandemic really brought to the forefront what we want, and we've spent the last 6 months doing some bigger home improvements to get our house ready to list. Well, we listed, and within an hour or so, we had 2 showings lined up for that evening, and one of them made an offer the first day. 

(This was a huge reminder that something we had grown tired of is someone else's dream!)

I am so happy it happened quickly, because if I had to clean that well and get 3 dogs out of the house every day, I don't think I would have made it! We still have some hurdles to clear before it's all said and done. The house has to appraise, and the home inspection has to not terrify our buyer. (The house is old, it's going to have issues.) And we have to start packing!

For the time being, we have a place lined up to rent nearby, but we are really open to new possibilities after that. (More on that later.) 

I can't describe the range of emotions we've experienced, and have yet to experience. Mostly though, we feel very confident in our decision. We feel like everything has clicked into place, and that is truly an answered prayer. 

The day we put the 'pending' sign in our yard was the day we were supposed to be leaving for Ireland, England and Scotland! We had been planning to spend the end of September and much of October there. Instead, we sold our house! We probably would have waited to list until we got back and who knows how things could have turned out. It's not lost on me what a wild ride 2020 has been! It could have been a very different year, for so many reasons. 

Because it's not all said and done yet, it's hard to be in this weird limbo. It's definitely kept me quiet here on the blog. I feel like I can't really get into packing yet, but I have this big urge to get things organized and ready to go. Mostly, we just feel ready to start our new chapter-especially after we've spent so long making the decision. 

If all goes well, we should be moving at the end of this month! Leave a comment below and give me ALL the moving tips!!! Blake and I have spent 10 years here, and the last time I moved it was from my childhood things are a bit different! 


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