I've been having the strangest year with my hair! Everytime I'm out in the sun my hair gets lighter. That's kind of how it's always been, but in the last year my hair just wants to lighten to a very red-orange blonde color. I've dyed it a couple of time to get it back to a normal darker color. I decided to try using a purple shampoo meant to take out brassiness and it's been helping a lot! I don't mind it getting lighter, I just don't want that horrible brassy color! 

And this Loreal is a whopping $7, so totally worth a try! 

July Grove Order

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Seedling Tree Free TP - Such a great buy! It's not the plushest paper out there, but we love that it's sustainable and that's it's available to ship to our front door. They even had it in stock when everyone was hoarding TP earlier this year. 

Reusable Mop Pad - I bought the Grove mop last month, even though I don't think I included it in my June Grove post? Well, I should have! It's an excellent mop and I'm thrilled with it. It's telescopic, so it's very easy to store. It came with one washable mop pad, and so I grabbed another in this month's order. 

Since quarantine began, I've been just about living in my athletic clothing! I get dressed up for our Zoom meetings, but that's been it. Plus it's July in Florida, so putting on jeans has not been at the top of my priority list! But, I decided to put on a real outfit so I could do some stuff for my Etsy instagram and thought I'd share this cute look with you guys! 
I hesitated even writing this post, because I feel like it's not helpful or informative like I prefer my posts to be. But, I haven't posted in over a week, and I felt like I needed to pop in to say I'm alive! In fact, we are just doing what (most of) the rest of the world is doing and staying at home. 

Over all, I am perfectly content at home. I miss having friends over and I miss being able to make plans. Our trip to Ireland for the fall was officially cancelled by the airline, so that was a bummer, but expected. We are hoping to reschedule for the spring, but who knows what things will be like then. 
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