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Mercari V. Poshmark | Which resale app is the best?!

Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Mercair Versus Poshmark | Which resale platform is better? |

If you've been reading for any length of time, you know I have a passion for shopping used. I love the thrill of finding the perfect item for a fraction of the cost as new! Almost as much as I love that feeling, I also love making money from things we aren't using. Ebay has been really successful for me over the years, but I've also ventured into other apps/websites.

I mainly used Poshmark, but in the last few months Mercari also popped up on my radar. I was used to using Poshmark, and didn't really think that one app was better than the other. Then again, I wasn't really having huge success with Poshmark, so I decided to give Mercari a go. Spoiler alert-Mercari is now my preference. Let's talk about the differences and why I have a new favorite. (But, also why you might like Poshmark better!)

The Similarities
To being with, both Mercari and Poshmark are resale websites with apps. With both, you take some photos of your items, write a description and set a price. People can then 'like' and purchase your item. Both websites/apps allow the person to send offers and you can accept or decline them. And, additionally, you can send offers to the people who like your item. Sending your item is also really similar on both websites. The person purchases, you get a mailing label in your email and you mail it off within a certain number of days. Additionally, you don't receive your funds until the person accepts the item and rates you/it. So, as you can see fundamentally, they are very similar concepts.

The Differences
There are a few differences within the apps that I've noticed. For one, they look different. Poshmark, for me, is a little easier to navigate if you are shopping for something. However, Poshmark is big on following, sharing and a more social experience over all. You do not have to do any of that with Mercari (something that is a big 'pro' for me). It also seems like Mercari doesn't have your crop your photos like Poshmark does, which makes it easier when you are taking pictures of tall things like dresses.

Shipping prices are were these two apps differ the most! Poshmark sets a flat fee for their shipping rates. Great if you are ordering something heavy, terrible if you have to pay $6.99 shipping for a $5 item. Mercari has more options. They promote items with free shipping, so it's a great idea to build shipping costs into your prices and offer free shipping. You can also have your buyer pay for shipping. It's a much more modest rate, with similar shipping times as Poshmark. They calculate shipping based on the item, so this makes it much for affordable to order cheaper clothing. Whether you offer free shipping or not, the label comes to your email and you mail it just like Poshmark. Alternatively, you can ship the item yourself. I have done this once. I sold a jean jacket that was very heavy. The shipping on it was going to be like $11, which I knew a would be a turn off for a buyer. So, I chose to ship the item myself. It fit in a flat rate envelope for about $7. 

My Experiment
With minimal sales on Poshmark, I decided to give Mercari a try. To experiment, I listed the same items I had on Poshmark for the same prices. In short, I sold 5 items within a few days that had been sitting on Poshmark for months! This was the evidence I needed to decide to switch!

Some things I like:
- The shipping is just so much better than Poshmark. From the perspective of a buyer, I hate paying for Poshmark's flat rate shipping. I'm much more likely to buy something with low cost shipping, and especially free shipping. 

- You can set a bottom price for an item, so it's very easy to maintain your listings. You set your lowest price, and forget about it until someone buys it. 

- No sharing, no parties, no following people. I think most successful Poshmark users are more social than I care to be. 

-While both services allow you to sell home goods, Mercari seems to promote this more. In fact the home page of the app tells you what is selling well right now, and it's usually electronics.

- I have more success! After some research, I think I know why....more on that below.
Why You Might Like Poshmark Better
I've narrowed down why you might have better success with Poshmark over Mercari. It appears that Poshmark is excellent for buying/selling designer goods. If you have high end clothing, handbags, or anything luxury-Poshmark might be the way to go. Mercari seems to be a better place to sell clothing brands like Old Navy, J Crew Factory, and other 'lower' end brands. (Although, designer goods are posted on Mercari all the time, so give it a go!) That's what I'm selling primarily. This lines up with the shipping cost point as well. People who are buying used are generally more price conscious, and are looking for deals. They don't want to pay $6.99 to ship their Old Navy jean shorts, ya know? 

I'm still doing my 'experiment' and cross posting to both Mercari and Poshmark, and Ebay as well. So far, almost every single sale has been through Mercari. Of course, this just my anecdotal evidence, but trust me I've been reselling for years! 

My current routine with selling old clothes: first list them on Poshmark/Mercari/Ebay for a few weeks until I have a lot of clothes, then I take my full bin to a consignment store I have great success with, delete the listings, and then send whatever didn't sell to ThredUp. They pay pennies, but it's better than nothing! 

Okay guys! I hope that was helpful! I'd love to hear your experience in the comments below! Have you had any success on resale platforms like Poshmark or Mercari? 

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