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My Current Skin Care Routine | Rooted Beauty Review

Monday, April 6, 2020

(This post is not sponsored, but Grove Collaborative did send me some of these items for free in exchange for reviews on their website)
Rooted Beauty Skin Care Review |

I shared my natural DIY skin care routine over 2 years ago! I loved that routine, and absolutely still stand by those recipes. After awhile, though, it's just nice to change things up! Grove Collaborative sent me a couple of their Rooted Beauty products when they launched the line last fall, and I fell in love with them! I ended up buying almost everything else in the product line up. I've been using this system since November, and I just love how my skin has been looking. 

If you are not a member of Grove Collaborative, you can sign up with my link and get a free 5 piece cleaning gift set! Also new members get cash back on Grove with Rakuten

Here's my routine:

Rooted Beauty Skin Care Review |

Facial Cleanser - This is actually the very first gel cleanser I've ever used. There was a slight learning curve with how much I needed for my face, and it kind of comes out fast. But, it works so well. 

Rooted Beauty Skin Care Review |

Micellar Water - I use micellar water with these reusable cotton rounds. Huge fan of this micellar water because it has such a nice scent, and I feel like it really gets all of my makeup and any dirt the cleanser didn't get. 

Rooted Beauty Skin Care Review |

Depuffing Eye Cream - Approaching 30 means I'm a little more conscious of my eyes. This depuffing eye gel works like a charm. It's cooling and absolutely depuffs - perfect for mornings. 

Moisturizer - I have combination skin, and it took me longer than I care to admit to use moisturizer! Truthfully, it balances the moisture out in my face and now it's a step I never skip. 

Facial Cleanser - Same first step as the morning. 

Makeup Removing towel - Grove also has a makeup removing towel! Just add water and it takes just about every bit of makeup off. I have the original Makeup Eraser, and Grove's towel is so much better. 

Micellar Water - Again, micellar water just really helps clean my skin completely. 

Rooted Beauty Skin Care Review |

Brightening Eye Cream - I probably prefer the depuffing gel over this cream, but this is also a great product! I think if you had dark circles it'd be really helpful. 

Night Recovery Cream - This stuff is amazing! I was wary of it at first because it's SO thick, and I have combo skin. It's just fantastic. It's perfect to put on at night, and I swear I noticed a difference the first time I used it. It's excellent for that dry winter skin. 

R7 Facial Oil - This is luxury in a bottle. Just a few drops and I rub it on my face and neck. It's so nourishing and feels like you just got a facial. Plus it's in a fun little dropper bottle!

Once A Week
Face Mask - I use this mask about once a week. It's very light and perfect for a pick me up. Normally, I use this clay mask that everyone swears by. That mask is intense and your face actually pulses. Super helpful when my skin is betraying me...but this green tea mask is great for more regular use. 

Rooted Beauty Skin Care Review |

Face Scrub - It's also good to scrub your face about once a week to remove dead skin and this scrub works just as advertised. It's not harsh, which I personally love. 

Also, Rooted Beauty is cruelty free!

Leave a comment below and tell me what products you are loving right now! What's your holy grail skin care product or habit?
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