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Life Lately #6

Thursday, February 28, 2019

Hi, hello! I had lots of little things I wanted to share, so I thought I'd do a little Life Lately! 

Our month has been a whirlwind! We've had our usual busy schedule and on top of that I felt like it took a full week to recover from our Disney trip. I'm hoping to refocus and get back to basics in March. 

Wearing: Florida is weird. It's been actually hot lately, but now this week it's back to normal spring temperatures. All that to say that I've been on the hunt for the perfect jacket for over a year now. It needed to be light, but still warm. Like one step below my Barbour jacket.

I finally found the perfect one on LL Bean that was sherpa lined. I ordered it and it was way too big. (I hate that sizes aren't reliable!) By the time I sent it back they were out of stock in the smalls. I took a huge gamble and ordered the small petite instead. It ended up being cheaper and fits like a glove! LOVE it! It's my favorite jacket, hands down. 

Listening to: Weezer! Weezer is one of my all time favorite bands. They have a new album coming out, but they recently released a surprise cover album. I have been listening to their cover of Africa for weeks on repeat. It's so good! 

I'm not sure what the heck is going on with Weird Al in this video...I think it's a joke? 

Currently Watching: Friends! I got desperate for something to watch on Netflix, and started playing Friends. It's funny to watch a show I remember my mom watching. It's also hysterical because I'm supposed to be the same age as the characters. The fashion is so 90s and it's funny to see what's come back into style.

If you need a good movie to watch, I recently watched Breathe on Amazon Prime and it was very good. We also watched First Man, and that got us on a major space kick. Subsequently we watched Apollo 13, Interstellar and The Martian, haha. I will say I am in LOVE with having most of our movies on VUDU. It's so much easier to browse through our movies that way. 

Reminded That: I love selling stuff! I used to make bank selling on Ebay (Here are my tips!) We have been doing a little bit of decluttering, and I was inspired to sell a few things on Ebay again. Mainly movies. We have a huge collection of Blu Rays, but as I've mentioned we prefer digital copies. So, I listed about 20 movies and sold half of them that night! That got me inspired to keep going, and in the last 60 days I've made just under $500 selling the most random things. 

On top of that I've listed a few things on Facebook Marketplace, and I've had a really good experience with that too! I think I've made about $75 doing that. Much more than I would have gotten yard sale-ing the same things. You do have to meet up with people, so that is something to consider.

Excited About: My Cricut!! I've been eyeing a Cricut machine for years. In fact, I can remember the lady I babysat for in 2008 had one of the first ones, and I wanted it then! Blake bought me a Explore Air for my anniversary present this year. We ended up getting an excellent deal on it by price comparing with Ebates. (In addition to the cash back feature, Ebates will tell you if another website has the item for cheaper.) I ended up saving about $100! You know I love saving money.

It's been SO fun to use! I have always been craft inclined, but lately I haven't really done much. This was the perfect way to channel my creative juices again. I've had great success with vinyl decals for cups and labels. I'd really like to get the hang of cutting paper for cards next. Additionally, I want to be able to make custom shirts, so that'll be a fun experiment! 

No blank surface is safe! These are cups I made for my brother and his fiance. There are so many cool projects to make. I've got a running list of things to do, so I'm sure you'll be seeing my creations on a regular basis! 

Planning: We are very far along with our plans for our Netherlands trip this summer. I'm very excited about that! Additionally, we are also planning a potential UK trip in 2020 for our 10th anniversary! 

Using: This Indian Healing Clay face mask. This mask has rave reviews, so I was so excited to try it. It's crazy good. 

Reading: I have a full post of book reviews to share with you shortly! I can't express how much I love the Libby app. It's the only way I've been able to read as much as I have been. I just finished Next Year in Havana, and now I'm reading Panic by Lauren Oliver. Let me know what you are reading in the comments!

Cooking: We have a pretty solid meal plan that we rotate every month, but I've been itching to try a few new recipes here and there. Mostly I've been making new salads. This one is a blue cheese wedge salad that was divine! The picture was before it was slathered in the homemade dressing. 

Enjoying: Spring! Even though the temperatures are fluctuating, I'm so happy to see spring blooms! I took this with my phone, can you believe it?

Pupdate: I had to share this hilarious picture of Bailey and Winston. I think it's the true definition of #momlife. He is always all over her.

Today, Delly is going in to the vet for a little procedure. She injured her little toe nail a few weeks ago. It's happened before, and the nail basically just fell off. This time it didn't, and it's got this gross abscess on it. The vet kept telling me it was healing, but it's been like a month now and it's still bothering her. Fortunately, while she is under anesthesia they can clip the rest of her nails really short-which is a bonus because they are pretty stinkin long. (She hates!!!! getting her nails done, so we don't do it that often, and now they are talons.) 

And there you have it! That's just a snippet of what we've been up to this month. I hope you all had a wonderful February and that March is even better! 

Let's Chat! What's going on with you?! 
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