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Making Extra Money With Ebay

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I'm basically always looking for easy ways to make extra money. And if I can combine making money with getting rid of clutter-it's a perfect fit for me. Hilariously, I only recently discovered Ebay. It's been around for ages, but I only thought about using it when I was hoping to find some cheap Brooks Brothers Polos my husband loves so much. Which I did, by the way! 
After a little bit of research I decided to finally try my hand at selling. I started with selling clothes. Usually I like to give away clothes to friends who are similar sizes. But, I noticed that I would give a whole bag of clothes to someone and never see them wear a single thing. I would much rather make a few bucks on things like that then to just give them to someone who doesn't want them either. 
Well, I've actually gotten pretty good at this Ebay thing. Just since the beginning of this month I've made an extra 150 bucks on things that we don't even miss. 

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Here are a few things I've learned along the way: 

one// Pictures Matter
This is something that I've learned from buying on Ebay. The more pictures of your item the better. Nothing looks sketchier than a blurry cell phone pic from far away. Clearly photograph the item with good lighting. Take pictures at different angles: front, back, pictures of tags, close up of the fabric. Also be sure to clearly photograph any stains or imperfections of your item.

two//Use the App
I have discovered that using the Ebay app is much easier than using the computer. Start by selecting 'Sell an item', and simply follow the directions. Answer as many questions as you can about the item. The app makes is so much easier to upload pictures of your items as well. 

three//Price Right
Remember that Ebay is basically an online yard sale. You aren't going to get top dollar for your stuff. Compare prices of similar listings, and price accordingly. I like to do a fixed price on my items. In my first selling attempt, I sold a very expensive Bridesmaid's dress for 99 cents in an auction. So not worth it. I do a fixed price, and accept best offers. So far this has worked really well for me. 

four//Buy stamps through Ebay
When selling an item you can have Ebay estimate shipping costs. I love this feature! They do all the calculating for you, and when you sell the item you can buy postage through Ebay. Print the label off your computer and slap it on your envelope! You can schedule a pick up from your mailman, or just drop it in a blue box around town. When you buy postage through Ebay they automatically mark your package shipped and give the customer tracking information. It's so easy. 

Leave me a comment: Have you had any success with Ebay? What have you scored? How do you make extra money? 

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xoxo Kristen

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