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2 Anniversaries

Friday, September 14, 2018

My Parent's 30th Anniversary
Last month my parents celebrated 30 years! We knew we wanted to throw a party for them, but my parent's didn't want us to make a huge deal either. My dad and I are so similar and he was adamant he didn't want any speeches or to feel like the center of attention. We ended up throwing a really casual party at a local brewery, and it could not have turned out better!

This party also kept with tradition of unique parties, because for their 25th we did a dinner cruise!

We reserved a section of the beer garden, so it was essentially like having a back yard party. They have AstroTurf and string lights hanging was a really cool place to do it. Our reservation also came with a tour of the brewery, a set of corn hole and all the tables and chairs we needed. Plus having it catered meant that all we had to do was show up!

My parents loved it and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves! I am SO grateful it didn't rain. The forecast showed rain all week and then the day before it said it would be clear. We had planned to rent a tent, which was so expensive and it would have really ruined the vibe. Anyway, it was great. It would have been perfect if it was 10 degrees cooler, but hey when your parents got married in August in Florida-it's inevitably going to be hot. 

Unfortunately, my little brother just started a new teaching job in Brooklyn and couldn't make it down to be with us for the party. He was definitely missed, especially because this was the first thing he hasn't been able to be there for.  

I brought my camera, and took exactly one picture. (The first one below) Fortunately, lots of other people took pictures for me! I was just having such a good time! It was partly relief that everything was going so well and it was also so nice to catch up with so many friends! 

Me and my nephews in their matching outfits! Lennox got naked pretty quickly at the party, haha.
My Sister and Brother in Law's Anniversary
A week before my parent's anniversary is my sisters! Amy and Bryan celebrated 7 years this year. When we were growing up, we always made a huge deal about my parent's anniversary. Since they would almost always take a trip, my grandma would come a stay with us. We would make a cake and decorate the house before my parent's came home. I distinctly remember making one cake that was white with rainbow sprinkles, purple icing and peppermint patties stuck to the sides. It was obviously gross, but it was so exciting to have this surprise for my parents. 

This year, I wanted to sort of pass on the tradition to my nephews. My sister and brother in law spent the day together and I watched the boys. Not an easy feat! Lennox is still so little, and he can't sit up yet. And you can't really hold him on your hip because he will fall backwards. Plus he is like 18 pounds! Carter also started pre-k, so I had to pick him up from school for the first time. #Auntielife. 

After I picked Carter up from school we ran up to the store and he picked out a couple of gifts for his mom. I believe he picked a candle, a notepad, and a cup. I had already bought 2 t-shirts for his dad, and he picked which one he wanted to give him.

Then we decorated a cake, and we made a card. Carter was so excited, and I really enjoyed passing on this little tradition. He got a little hyper after I let him have some of that icing though...

I have to say, the cake turned out so delicious. That was my first time making a two layer cake. We all agreed that the dinosaur sprinkles really added something! 

Leave a comment below with your favorite anniversary traditions! Do you and your family make a big deal out of them?


  1. Your parents anniversary party turned out perfectly! What a fun way to celebrate 30 years! And so sweet of you to watch your newphews so your sister could celebrate her anniversary. So much love going around!

  2. Cute photos...
    Congrats on your parents anniversary...

  3. It looks like you guys had such a great time! I loved the pictures of both and loved your outfit from your parents party!

    Felicity |

    1. It was so fun! I had to get a new top for the occasion! I'm really excited to pair it with more things!

  4. What cute family photos, and I love your dress! 30 years is a biggie - so sweet that you did something so special - a brewery tour sounds fab as well. And you still have such great weather of course (always a relief when you plan something so special). Love the fact you baked a cake with your nephew - he is really adorable. I had to chuckle that you got him a bit hyper. The cake looks great! J xx

    1. Yes, 30 years is something to celebrate! My parents deserved so much more, but it turned out just like we hoped!
      Haha, I really loved making that cake with him!
      Thanks Joanne!

  5. Love this so much! I love how close you are with your family. I love to throw parties, so this piqued my interest. When it comes to doing these kinds of things for your parents, do you and your sibling(s) do all of the planning, inviting, etc. and your parents just show up? Just curious! My siblings and I have talked about doing something for my parents 40th in a few years, so I was curious how other people do this!

    1. Family is everything, after all!
      Great questions Erica! So, my sister and I came up with the idea and figured out all the details. We decided in this particular case to ask my parents how they felt about the venue since it wasn't a typical location and we wanted to make sure they were cool with it. We also got their input on the guest list to make sure we didn't leave anyone out.
      I don't like surprises, so I'm probably never going to throw a surprise party.
      After we got their a-okay, my sister and I handled everything else! All they had to do was show up. And for that matter we didn't really have all that much to do before and after because of our venue and choosing to have it catered.
      Each family dynamic is different, like in our case with my brother being out of state. I do know when we threw my grandparent's 50th party, my mom did most of the planning and execution-but all of her siblings chipped in financially.
      There are lots of ways to do it! You sound like me thinking about a party a few years in advance, haha! But you should! Time flies and parties can be expensive!

  6. what a great party! we always celebrated/still celebrate our parent's anniversary... growing up, we would buy them a custom photo calendar for the year since they were married in january. I love that you are passing the tradition on to your nephews, so sweet.

    1. What an excellent gift idea!! I love that. And it makes such a fun tradition.

  7. You are crushing itttttt as an aunt. Seriously. Why are WE not sisters?! ;) Also, it's SO sweet how you guys celebrate your parents' anniversaries every year and especially the big ones! I feel good about myself when I remember to even call my parents (who live 15 mins away and I could totally have thrown a party for) on their anniversary! I need to step it up!

    1. Muah! Thank you Julie!! That means so much to me. I can be a virtual aunt to your kiddos!! Haha!



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