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Five Cons of Blogging - But I do it anyway!

Monday, August 21, 2017

Five Cons of Blogging - But I do it anyway!

People know more about me, than I know about them.
A handful of my real life friends are regular readers of my blog, and because of that they are very up to date with whats going on in my life. The problem is, it's not a two way street! They may know everything that's going on with me, but I don't get the same benefit. Because of that I often feel out of the loop! 

I don't want to share everything. 
That may sound super strange coming from a blogger, but it's true. I still want some sort of anonymity. I'm happy to share most things here on my blog, but I still like to keep my Facebook and Instagram private and just share certain things with people I know personally. That goes against a lot of blogging advice, and hurts my social engagement opportunities-but I don't care. It's important to me to keep some things personal. 

Random emails for free advertising.
Part of blogging is the sponsored post world. I have done a handful of these types of posts, and will in the future. It's definitely a perk of a being a blogger! Who doesn't like free stuff?! There is a tricky type of company who will reach out to me (frequently!) wanting to collaborate on a post. Great. But, then when you start to read the fine print they just want you to mention their company, product or share their graphics-with zero compensation. I'm not just going to advertise for you for free people. There are times when I will specifically mention a name brand or product, without being sponsored. But that's only when I really really love something and it's worth sharing. Not because you asked me to name drop. 

Sometimes you aren't feeling very inspired.
For some reason I will get incredibly inspired and type up a dozen posts and then a few weeks later have to scrape the bottom of the barrel for a post idea. I have no idea why this happens, but I really try to ride the inspiration wave and crank out as many posts as I can when it hits me. There are things I have learned spark my creativity, so I'm working on tapping into that when I need to. 

I don't like feeling pressured to have everything look perfect. 
I often find myself hesitating to share outfits because I don't have a full head-to-toe new look that I can link to. (The reality is most of my clothes are from Ebay!) I feel like any pictures of my house or meals need to look flawless. That means I angle the camera just right and usually let my food get cold before I eat it. Honestly, my favorite posts to read are the real life/behind the scenes style and I know other people feel that way too-so I'm not sure why I feel this way!

Leave a comment below if you feel the same way! I'm curious to see what other bloggers have to say about the negative side to blogging, and what non-bloggers see from the outside!


  1. I loved hearing your thoughts on this! What a great idea for a post! Unfortunately, we do feel the pressure of "perfect" but it's something we're working towards! I love the idea of a real life/behind the scenes post too!!

    Katherine |

  2. I agree with so many of these! I agree about number one for sure - my girlfriends always know exactly what's going on with us, but I definitely need updates on them!

  3. There are definitely pros and cons to blogging! I love getting to "meet" so many people from around the globe, but I wish i could have more personal interactions with my readers! I also do hate that pressure to be perfect all the time (or to always have an on-point outfit!)

  4. Love this and totally agree with all of it! I sometimes have a wave of time where I am NONSTOP inspired and can't stop thinking of things to blog about, then other times where I have NOTHING! It's so hard to feel that pressure.
    And yes with the people / companies wanting free advertising. That is SO frustrating.

  5. I totally agree with all of these! There are absolutely pros and cons of blogging and it has changed so much from when I first started - and not always for the better. But, I do still love it and think it is worth the time!

  6. Yes! I agree with not wanting to share EVERYTHING - I mean you don't know who exactly is reading all of this info on the internet, right? That's why I made specific social accounts just for my blog and I find that really helpful to make sure the content is actually relevant to my blog also.

  7. Totally.. I definitely don't share the full picture of my life and I guess you can say that my blog is sort of skewed. Definitely makes it seem like I'm always traveling and life is great, bla bla bla, but there's a lot I don't share and maybe that hurts my blog. Well, it's your blog, you can do what you want with it!! ;)

  8. Yes to all of these except the last one- I rarely feel that kind of pressure, haha (not because I'm perfect but because I don't care). My FB and IG are both private. I try to keep my last name off my blog. I very rarely (if ever?) mention my actual city. It's weird to put that stuff out there, but it's totally part of the blogger lifestyle. Lol



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