Friday, August 18, 2017

Our Annual Beach Trip & Our First 'Vlog'!

After sticking close to home so far this year, we were itching to go on our annual vacation to West Palm Beach! Blake's parents own a Marriott timeshare and we always spend a week there in late July/early August. (Last year I was leaving behind 3 week old puppies!) 

We wanted to document our stay a little differently this year, and so we attempted our first 'vlog'. I absolutely love watching vlogs on Youtube, so I thought we could try it out. We used our cell phones, a small tripod and a time lapse app to do the whole thing. Blake did all the editing, with a few tips from me along the way! 

It turned out so cute, and I just smile and smile watching it. Unapologetically, most of the clips are of my niece and nephews. I tried to get a few shots of things I love most about the trip-playing cards, taking turns cooking, and trying not to burn your feet on the lava sand when you bring your pina colada down to the beach! 


  1. I love the vlog!! You family looks SO sweet, such cute little ones and OMG those fish you guys caught! So impressive!

    I love watching vlogs too!! On our honeymoon I took little clips and was putting them into a "vlog" just like this! Great minds think alike ;)

    1. Thanks Katie!! The fishing part was definitely one of the more exciting 'scenes', the rest of the time we were just being lazy!
      I think it's a perfect way to document a trip. Now that we have a little practice, hopefully the next one is even better!

  2. I love vlogs! You did a great job! Looks like such a fun trip!

  3. I can't believe this is your first vlog- it turned out so good! Palm Beach is one of my very favorite FL cities- it's like it's own little world!

  4. What an amazing job you did with this!! Holy moly! I love it so much. You have such a creative eye with some of the things you took video clips of. Great teamwork with your hubby too on putting it all together. :)