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Clothing I've Bought Recently

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

I'd so much rather buy stuff for my house than clothes! Whenever we go to TJ Maxx, I always bypass the racks of clothing and head right to the homewares. But, for whatever reason I've done a bunch of clothes shopping in the last few weeks. I think it's because the season has officially changed here and I've noticed what I was lacking in the way of summer clothes. (Although it's basically summer here all year long, we've entered the humid stage when all I want to put on is as little as possible and things that breathe well!) 

Give me all the shorts!
I stopped into Old Navy last week to score some of my favorite 3.5 inch shorts. I buy some every year, because I do tend to wear these out.  They were on sale for $8 a piece, so I bought 4 pairs. Two in navy because I wear those the most. I find these super comfortable, and I love the length. I wore this outfit all day, so excuse the wrinkles. 

These I bought at Target, and they are the most comfortable shorts ever. If you want to get some, size down! I should have. They are very stretchy and forgiving. These will be easy to pull on, especially at the beach. I think they will be perfect theme park shorts as well.

Also, the tank I'm wearing is my favorite shirt right now. It's from J Crew Factory and I have it in 2 colors, but will be happy to buy them all. So easy! I also recently bought the short  sleeve version, but I forgot to photograph that one!

Two very different tops.
Every blogger has this top! It's so cute! SheIn is very hit or miss for me, but it's so cheap that it doesn't hurt when something doesn't work out. The real star is the back of this shirt. I actually haven't worn this out yet, but it's because I hadn't thought of wearing a bralette with it until I took this picture. Definitely a more fun top that I usually go for. 

This shirt is not very"on-brand" for me, aka not navy and white! But I love it! I actually saw a girl wearing this top on our last Disney trip, and I chickened out of asking her where she got it. Fortunately for me, a blog I follow posted about it the next week! So I asked her, and of course, it's from Target. I love a tank top that lets you wear a real bra. It's a juniors shirt, so go one size up from your normal size.

I buy everything I love in 2 colors!
My friend actually bought me this dress as a gift, and I loved it so much I bought it in green! You can see me wear the blue one in the post about our Disney trip. Some days you just don't want to wear pants. And that happens to me pretty much every day. I love an easy dress to just throw on and call it a day. However you can dress this up with a cute necklace or belt and make it look like you put some effort into it.

And, I can't believe I'm in Pajamas on the Internet. 
But, it's worth it because these are my most favorite pajamas I've ever owned. I love a cute pajama set, and this one feels grown up. So many sets include pants, which this Florida girl can't stand. I had to buy a medium in the shorts and a small in the top, FYI. 

I can't wait to show you a few other things that I've picked up in official outfit pictures! I'm saving them because a mirror selfie just won't do it justice. Although Delly popping in and out of the pictures is a real treasure, haha. 

Leave a comment below with your favorite recent purchases! What is your summer uniform? 


  1. I completely agree...right now it's all about what it cool, comfortable, and breathable! All of these pieces are perfect for summer. I especially love those linen shorts from Target. Linen shorts are my favorite thing right now...but it is surprisingly difficult to figure out sizing because the usual size stretches out too big, but a size down feels too small when you first put them on, lol.

    1. Yes! The sizing is crazy. With these, they have tons of elastic on the back so I really think sizing down would have been the way to go, but I bought them online and didn't know that ahead of time. Either way, I plan to wear the heck out of them!

  2. Okay, the PJs are my favorite!! Haha I feel the same way about putting that out there on the blog, but sometimes it's worth it!! Great picks!

    Katherine |

  3. Ah the Star Wars tank is my favorite! I'm 100% on board with shorts all summer. I'll have to hit up Old Navy soon, the green pair you have on is so cute!

    1. They have TONS of colors! And a few patterns. I only got 4 pairs, but I had to really hold back from some of the others.

  4. Okay, I love your style and think we could totally swap closets because they're possibly pretty similar!

    1. I totally agree! Haha, I've always loved what you've posted. I am really drawn to clothes that are simple and comfortable, and hardly ever go for a new trend.

  5. So many cute outfits and I especially love the dress. I'm glad I'm not the only one who buys multiple colors of my favorites! Lol

  6. I absolutely love that gingham top! Need to snag it ASAP.

    ​xx katie // a touch of teal

  7. That gingham top is super cute!!! And yes to a good pajama set, though lately I've been more about cute night gowns. I can't wait to hit the stores in the States next week!!



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