Fall Playlist - 2016

in , by Kristen Woolsey, 6:00 AM
Weirdly, one of my favorite things to share with you is what I'm currently listening to. I think it speaks volumes to my state of mind and how I've been feeling lately. Admittedly my tastes change from day to day, but this playlist is pretty much alternative. If I had to describe my favorite type of music, it would have to fall under the umbrella of feel-good-upbeat-jamming-out-in-the-car-with-the-windows-down. 

I'm excited about Kings of Leon's new album, and they are first up on the playlist. We've also been watching Smallville on Hulu and I've been having fun flashbacks to early 2000's music, so a Finger Eleven song makes an appearance on this list too. It's so funny because the radio played that song to death and I was so sick of it when it came out! But now it's old enough to be vintage or something, haha! 

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