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Simplified Planner Tour

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

It's that time of year again!! I've become really partial to academic style planners that start in August instead of January. It reminds me of getting new school supplies and starting fresh each school year. Everyone makes new resolutions to get organized in January, but I think August is a great time to start anew also! 

Last year I used the Lilly Agenda and the year before that I used a really cute leather planner I picked up from TJ Maxx. Although I used different books, my method had kind of stayed the same. I have always used fun pens and tried to color coordinate my days. I truly loved my Lilly agenda this year, but I was struggling with the size. I bought a smaller size so I could carry it with me, but the daily boxes couldn't contain all that I wanted them too, and the margins weren't generous for any overflow. The weekend boxes really annoyed me because our weekends have a lot going on too, and the half boxes weren't big enough to write it all out. I do love how colorful it is and really enjoyed the stickers. 

I wasn't opposed to another Lilly agenda this year, but I did want to look around for other options. Erin Condren is huge, but I think the sticker planning part is too time consuming/pricey for me. The Emily Ley Simplified Planner got rave reviews around the internet so I was intrigued! And I was sold as soon as I saw it! The Simplified Planner is everything I want in an agenda book. It's perfect. 

They went on sale earlier this month, and I was counting down the days until I could order mine! That ended up being a good thing because I thought and rethought my color choice. I was thissss close to picking the pineapple one

I thought I'd share a few pictures of my new planner so that you can decide if you want to get one too. I know I'm not the only planner nerd out there. 

First of all it comes in an awesome box. They suggest you use the box to save keepsakes throughout the year, which I think is a great idea! Since Blake and I have a memory jar, I don't think I will use it for that purpose, but this girl can always use a storage box. 

I went with the Happy Stripe pattern, and I love it! The colors are awesome. I love the gold spiral and the gold corner protectors. This is a sturdy cover, and I think it will hold up really well all year. 

First things first, I had to write my name in the front! The first few pages give suggestions on how to use the pages most effectively. I will show you a few of my favorite pages and features. 

The tabs along the edge are great quality and will allow for an easy page flip to the right spot. Again the colors are great!

I love this feature in the photo below! One of the first pages is a year bucket list complete with little tick boxes! This will be so fun to fill out. 

Each tab starts out with the month view. Pretty standard, but I like that the boxes are spacious enough for my handwriting. 

Ok, here below is what sold me on this planner. The daily box that I was used to in other planners is a full page in the Simplified Planner. The top corner includes an inspirational quote. The day is divided into 2 columns. The left half is your hourly schedule, and the right half is your to-do list. This layout is perfect for me! The bottom left is a box for your dinner plan and the bottom right is a spot for notes. I will probably use the note box for my Bible reading schedule and to note anniversaries or special occasions.  

I also bought the green page marker! It's magnetic and heavy duty, so I'm happy I got it. The Best Day Ever thing is so cute.

The weekend page is split in half, which is much bigger than what I had before and that was also a selling feature. My favorite part is that there is box for a happy memory from the week, which is so special and an awesome thing to reflect on. Then there is a box on Sunday to help you prep for the week ahead, which is a cool habit I'd like to start.

There is also a handy pocket in the front cover that will be a good spot to store coupons and invitations.

Eek! I can't wait to start using this planner and I really think it's ideal for my goals and style of organization. It doesn't start until August, but I am already filling out dates for the rest of the year, and next! My current favorite pens are the Stabilo point 88s and those fine tips look so nice in this planner. I hope my pictures help you decide if you want to get one too! 

Leave me a comment: Do you get as excited as I do about new office supplies? Have you used the Simplified Planner? Or are you more of Google Calendar person?


  1. Love the layout of this planner! This will have to be the next one I get. Sunday's are already my weekly planning days so that is awesome. I have to have a paper planner to write out everything I do step by step. We use a family google calendar as well as a shared digital grocery list and honey-do list. I also keep my cleaning schedule digital. But I have to transfer everything to my planner for the week on Sunday so I can see it in writing and it helps me to not feel so overwhelmed for the week.

    1. Writing it down is essential for me! Plus having something cute to write it in makes it more fun, haha!

  2. I love this planner! I am a teacher and love having a paper planner (none of this digital stuff). I love the concept of crossing things off when they get done and the organization it brings! I will definitely be buying this planner for this coming school year :)



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