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Back Porch Makeover

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Words cannot even express how excited I am to be sharing our latest project! Any type of home updating makes me giddy and one of my favorite things to do is go walk around Lowe's. One project I've been dying to tackle is our back porch. It's actually a nicely sized screened-in area, but we've sorely underutilized it. When I first moved in I painted the deck and added a set of chairs and side table out there, but otherwise it's been pretty untouched. My goal was to make it a space that we loved to be in and that could accommodate a nice group of friends! 

Here are the dreaded before pictures of the space. The porch is about 7 ft wide and a little bigger than 20 ft long. It's got a pitched ceiling, and I can't believe I'm showing you the ceiling fan out there! One of the blades literally fell off and it was covered in grime. 

I almost can't believe the transformation myself. Having the appropriate sized furniture actually makes this space look huge! First, we started by replacing the fan with one that was actually meant for outdoors. I spent a whole day painting the deck a new color and whitewashing the side walls after giving it all a good hose down. That alone made an enormous difference! 

Next we spent some money! Originally Blake and I had planned on DIYing a modular couch. These were the plans we were going to follow. A problem arose when we were in the lumber yard calculating how much wood we were actually going to need. Those are great plans, but we were essentially going to double the 'recipe' and it was adding up quick. In fact we realized it wasn't much of a savings after all and we might as well buy a set. Our time is definitely worth something too. 

A little online shopping later, we found the perfect set for our space and I am SO thrilled with it. Ok, so I'll get on with it! Here's how the porch turned out!

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Seriously nothing in our house is ever standard or uniform, so the fact that this rug fit PERFECTLY in this space almost made me a cry. Even the couch fit just right. It's modular, so we can rearrange it several different ways when we grow tired of it in this position. I was one box short on the stringed lights, so I just need to pick up another one this week and it will be perfect. 

We've been sitting back there every night since we got the couch put together and I've had breakfast there once or twice. It's so shady and peaceful. I've really enjoyed setting out our bluetooth speaker and just hanging out. I know we have a few anxious friends who are ready to help us break in those cushions! 

Here are a few notes on the products we picked out:
- The couch is from Walmart! We've also seen it on Amazon. This was such a great price and the quality is excellent. We had to put it together, which was a pain, but less painful than DIYing.

- The red serving cart is from Sam's Club. I love this thing! It's so cute and really functional. The bucket and bottom tray are removable. Also, it's only $40!!

- Most everything else was from Target! (Duh! It's where I get everything!) The lantern and succulent on the table are also from Target, but they are at least a year old.

Ikat Rug - Lobster Door Mat - Lobster Throw Pillow - Sting Lights - Poufs - Chalkboard

Pro-tip! I picked up Rust-Oleum NeverWet spray and it's a total game changer! It's basically rain-x for your outdoor furniture.

Leave me a comment: So what do you think? Anybody else love perusing Lowe's? Is there a spot in your home that you have been dying to tackle? Do you have a back porch that you love? What else should I add back there to make it more enjoyable?


  1. Kristen I LOVE it! Looks like the perfect space for some sweet tea and a little bible reading.


  2. I am SO jealous! I love it!! You did an amazing job!

    1. Thank you!! I keep going out there and just staring at it haha

  3. Such a transformation! I love it. I never would have thought to combine lobsters and Ikat but it's perfect!

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