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Spring 2016 Playlist

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Lately, anytime I'm in the car or cleaning up around the house I'm listening to an audiobook or a podcast rather than music. I love audiobooks, but sometimes you just want to zone out and not have to focus on a story. I've got a few playlists going - one for the car, one for non-offensive background music, one for Disney songs...but here is my Spring 2016 playlist! (You can find my previous playlists here!

*Disclaimer: I much prefer the radio version of Cake By The Ocean. Spotify doesn't have the clean version, so cover your ears, haha. 

Enjoy! & Tell me what you're listening to! 


  1. I recently got Military Husband hooked on spotify! He loves it now.

  2. Weezer has been a longtime favorite, and The Lumineers is a band I've only recently started listening to, but it's a band that writes songs I can listen to for hours and hours. It's really cool you share your music interests like this; I've not seen a lot of blogs that do that! I send you an email just now. God Bless! -SV



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