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I've talked about my fitness journey a little bit around here, even though it wasn't all that impressive or anything. There are some seriously inspiring stories out there, with some incredible before and after photos! As a teenager I never experienced self esteem issues about my body, even though I wasn't ever in great shape. After Blake and I got married we both gained several pounds, which isn't all that uncommon. The extra weight looked great on my husband, but terrible on me. Although, it's only now that I don't like the way I looked, I was completely fine with it then. I think I'm more conscious of my body now, since I've seen what it can do.

Fortunately for me I found a great workout buddy and we both lost a lot of weight doing a Beachbody program. I loved getting muscles and I even loved that little vein in my arm that suddenly popped out! I was able to maintain that weight loss for a good 2 years. But, last year, I kind of got in a fitness rut. My workout buddy moved away, and we were busier than ever! I tried to stay semi active but I wasn't doing nearly what I wanted or needed to do. 

It was all fun and games until I stepped on the scale last month. I had been avoiding it even though I could tell all my pants were so much tighter. The number isn't important to me, but the way I have been feeling is. The number just confirms it. 

I've learned a few things about myself in the past few years of this journey and if I'm going to succeed I need to implement some strategies that jive with those tendencies! I know that I workout best with a friend (extrovert probs) and I need a class environment. I also need to see results quickly and I need to reward myself often! 

In January, I joined a group fitness studio with two of my really good friends. Those girls are awesome and super motivating! Plus I know they are counting on me to show up, which is a huge push to get to class. Unfortunately, I can only make the evening classes that are offered, and there are only 2 classes a week. I've seen a big difference in my flexibility and strength in just the last month of going, but I think 2 classes isn't enough for me. 

My mom invited me to go to a Zumba class last week at her gym. I was going to go as a guest and pay the $5 for the class. I hate Zumba, by the way, I was just going to support her. Anyways, for just a few dollars more a month my mom can get guest privileges, and bring someone with her every time. Score! There are 2 classes a week that go perfectly with my work schedule, and mom and I can go together. Another check for a class and work out buddy! 

So, that means I will have 4 different classes to go to a week, both with people there who will make me feel obligated to go. No class on Wednesdays or the weekends. I would also like to do something active on the weekends. It doesn't have to be anything major, just a walk or a game of tennis.

I have another goal of cooking more often. We get in and out of the habit so easily. Honestly, the food we make at home tastes so much better than anything at a restaurant. I think it's mainly just a convenience thing to pick something up. My intention is to make an easy meal plan and use my crockpot more. You guys gotta send me your favorite and easy recipes! 

I'm feeling really motivated! Extremely poor timing though considering I just lost my Fitbit! I'm so bummed. I'm saving up for the heart rate band anyway, so it's only a matter of time before I'm up and running again. It stinks not to get credit for all those steps! 

Leave me a comment: How do you get out of a fitness slump? Do you work out better alone or with a friend? 

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