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Scenes from the Weekend: Devil's Millhopper

Monday, December 7, 2015

We had friends visiting from New York this weekend so the pressure was on to entertain our guests! I actually really love having a house full, and having company kind of forces you to get out and do fun things! And I have a long list of local to-dos. Although it was sort of a challenge coming up with things to do that were also kid-friendly, as Blake's sister has 2 kids that needed to be included in our plans. 

I have a long term goal of visiting every State Park in Florida, so fortunately I got to check another one off the list this weekend! We checked out Devil's Millhopper in Gainesville on Saturday. My main goal was figuring out where the name came from! Basically it's a really old sinkhole that has a few springs around it. There is a nature trail around it that is a half mile, and there are a couple hundred steps down into the sinkhole. The name came from all of the fossilized bones that were found down in the sinkhole, it became legend that it was a place where people were fed to the Devil. Hashtag weird.

The weather was gorgeous, which was great since our friends are in for a cold winter up north! And it was such a great place to show what the 'real Florida' looks like. It's not always palm trees! Although I was surprised to see actual autumn leaves on the ground.

I love that last picture with my niece eating a PB&J. The girl has got priorities! The trail wasn't too arduous but getting back up all of those stairs left my legs pretty shaky. I was just so happy to be outside and moving around because I haven't been getting my 10,000 steps lately. Plus visiting State Parks are a great budget friendly activity, which is essential when you have a big group! 

There are 161 State Parks in Florida! I really need to sit down and find out how many I've been to so far. My parents loved taking us to the parks as kids, so I thank them for giving me a headstart on my goal! 

Leave me a comment: Have you been to Devil's Millhopper? How many State Parks have you been to? What do you like to do when you have friend in town?

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